Your Quick Checklist When You’re Moving to a New Home


Moving is like a complicated machine with many parts, but with the proper organization, it works seamlessly. You need to do a lot of things when moving, not just packing up, boxing your stuff, and transporting it across town. In this post, we’ll go through what you need to get done.

Change Your Address

Updating your address is essential to ensure you get your bills on time at the right address. We know that no one likes receiving bills, but everyone has to pay them. Make sure you update your address with companies you do business with.

And, don’t forget to update the various state agencies as well while you’re at it.

You can call the contacts yourself, or, if you don’t have time, use something like the US mailing change of address service.


Make Sure You Confirm All Dates

If you’ve sold your home, confirm precisely when you need to be out of the property. When can you move into the new one? On what day do those dates fall? If it’s a weekday, you might need to take leave to ensure that you can help with the move or be there when the movers arrive.

Be sure to check, and then recheck and confirm all dates for the move, your leave, and the moving company‘s arrival.

Notify the Gas and Power Company

Why pay for extra gas and power when you’ve moved out? Be sure to have them disconnected on the day you leave. And be sure you arrange for utilities in the new house on the day you move in.

You don’t want to spend the whole day working hard to move your items only to find that you can’t have a hot shower or a cup of coffee when you want to relax.

Check Out the Movers Carefully

We’ve all heard the horror stories. How about movers that give you a great quote initially only to tack on extra fees later on? Sometimes they hold your items ransom to extort the extra money out of you and, sometimes, they’re just con artists who steal your stuff.


Make sure that the company has a good reputation online before trusting them with anything. Find out:

  • What vehicle they’ll use to move your items.
  • Where the company will store them
  • And what the extent of the company’s insurance is in case anything goes wrong.
  • Exactly what the terms of the contract are.

What Are Your Responsibilities When Leaving the Old Address?

Do you have to have the carpets professionally cleaned, for example? If you’re selling, do you have any responsibilities as laid out in the contract? If you’re renting, what do you need to do to get your security deposit back?

Change the External Locks at the New Place

When you move into a new home, you can never really be sure who has keys for it. It’s a good idea to get the locks changed when you move in. That way, you know who has the keys. If you rent, you need the landlord’s permission and may have to pay for it.

But, from a safety perspective, it’s a small price to pay.

That’s about all for now. Good luck with your move and we hope it goes smoothly for you.