4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Neon Sign


Advertising signs, illuminated advertisements, neon advertisements, stands, prospectuses, business cards… these are all fundamental parts of the company’s marketing strategy. They are very effective in promoting the business, attracting attention to it, as well as conveying important information to the end-user.

After all, great advertising is part of any successful business. It doesn’t matter if yours is an upscale diner that boasts local ingredients, a cozy, romantic bistro with a rotating menu, or anything in between. All of that will plummet if you can’t let hungry customers know you exist. It could be that you have the perfect location, great food, and great customer service. However, none of this will matter if your guests can’t find you.

Neon signs are not only effective but also cost-effective. Unlike newspaper, TV, and radio ads that typically only run for a limited time, a single neon sign can advertise your business several times to hundreds, if not thousands, of people.

When done well, it can create a memorable first impression and can signify quality service. In the case of a neon open sign, it will bring customers through the door.

Before we state all the reasons why your business needs one, let’s explain a bit more about how they function today.

What are neon signs today?

Here we are talking about affordable LEDs that are increasingly used in advertising. In the past, neon and fluorescent tubes were used, while today LEDs have slowly but surely taken the lead. The biggest advantages of such advertisement are related to its durability, wide range of uses, simple installation, and affordability.

There are several types or categories of illuminated advertisements on the market, which can be further divided into subcategories. The main categories, however, are:

  1. Indoor illuminated advertisements
  2. Outdoor illuminated advertisements
  3. Lightboxes (single-sided, double-sided)
  4. 3D letters (free-standing, with a base)
  5. Totems (one-sided or two-sided free-standing illuminated advertisements, reinforced profile)

Here are the reasons you need a neon sign for your business:

1. It can be placed anywhere

In terms of sign placement, one of the main advantages of a neon sign is that it can be attached to buildings, walls, or fences, but it can also be like a totem and stand alone.

As freestanding signs, they have their own structural frame that allows them to be placed almost anywhere. This feature makes them the best choice for advertising for businesses, whose premises are away from the road. For example, business facilities on industrial or retail estates or hotels.

2. Increased visibility

They can be creatively designed and engineered so that their mere presence makes an immediate and impactful statement about your business. Thus, helping it promote its status and reputation to those who see it and making your brand a well-known, recognizable, and memorable landmark in the area.

Aside from being placed at the location of the business, one of the most common places you’re likely to see these light signs is where a contractor does their work. Today you will see businesses advertising on road works, railway works, new settlements, and various other construction sites.

By placing a free-standing advertising sign near the work they do, these companies not only advertise their brand but also show passers-by how good their work is. So, there are many ways to attract more customers with neon signs, not just by placing them on the location of your venue.

3. 24/7 advertising


Neon signs can be illuminated, ensuring they remain visible at night and in bad weather.

Having a sign that stands out in the dark allows you to attract customers all day, every day, maximizing the impact of your investment. Especially on winter days, the choice of a luminous advertisement is almost necessary. Also, during that period, people even orient themselves when driving on the basis of illuminated advertisements.

Accessibility is so important for all types of businesses, and these signs provide your customers, clients, and employees with effective wayfinding and direction information.

Perfect for the hospitality and automotive industries, which often require a range of different types of leading signage across buildings and facades.

They can also be double-sided, which means you can effectively deliver information, click here to see how.

4. Their size can make all the difference

Provided your local authority has no objections, there is no limit to the size a neon sign can be built. Increasing the height of a roadside sign makes it more legible.

High neon advertisements make it less likely that someone passing by will miss your advertisement due to the traffic in front of them. The height of a neon sign increases the likelihood that customers will notice you. Thus, they have more time to read and remember the message you are delivering, and in the best case, they will be motivated to call you and hire you.

Also when in traffic jams, drivers have more opportunities to notice and read the displayed information.

Final word

One of the key things to remember when it comes to promoting your business is to make sure you tell your story. The world is full of brands, so in order for yours to stand out, people need to know how your brand got to where it is today, what the core of your business is, and what you stand for.

Making sure your brand communicates all of this can be tricky, so take some time and make sure your brand captures you, your business. Basically, your essence. It may seem obvious, but always let your personality shine. Your audience enjoys seeing and hearing the people behind the business and brand.

Reminding customers that there are real people behind everything makes the brand more likable and enjoyable and improves the connection with customers. It’s easy to get caught up in what others are doing, but remember that you and your team are the reason the business thrives, so believe in your personality and don’t be afraid to let your brand reflect that.