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Yamaha OX99-11 – The design that makes you wonder

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Believe it or not, Yamaha was among the first companies that worked on a supercar and that actually built it at the beginning of the 1990s. The car’s name is OX99-11, and it is a V12 unit. It was made by a company called Ypsilon Technology, which is actually a subsidiary company to Yamaha. The production of the unit took place some years after the official entrance of Yamaha in Formula One as one of the engine providers.

The road of making it

When Yamaha was considering the making of this unit, it tried to make it in cooperation with some famous brands. First, they tried to have a German manufacturer to make it, however, their production was not satisfactory to Yamaha. Then, they went to IAD, which is a consulting agency from England, for the cooperation with this work. Since the two companies were not on good terms, Yamaha decided to give the work of the production of this unit exclusively to their subsidiary company called Ypsilon Technology. However, the financial situation in Japan was not good and it was impossible to make it and sell it there. So, the final result was the making of the three prototypes, with one of them appearing for sale recently.

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The manufacturer has decided to go for a 3.5 liter engine that would have natural aspiration and that would be a V-12 one. The engine has the capacity of providing 440 horsepower and revving to 10,000 rpm. The engine is connected to a manual transmission that has six speeds. The unit also has rear-wheel driving system.

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The design

The unit has a very peculiar design. The entire unit has a somewhat Formula-based design with the maximum potential for two seats. The overall design can be considered a bit thin and the cockpit is a bit taller. The entire unit is not very big, and this can be best seen from its weight that is only 2,535 lbs. if it has lived up to mass production, it would surely be one of the most peculiar yet nicely-designed cars in the world. Namely, this model itself is estimated at 1.3 million USD.

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