World Best Tennis Players on a Tournament in April

Organizers of the Madrid tennis tournament have announced today that it will hold a virtual tournament at the end of April, played by the world’s best players from their homes.

The Madrid ATP is in the company of more than 30 tournaments that was canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak.

That is the main reason why they are planning to hold a virtual tournament between April 27 and April 30, where some of the best tennis players in the world will compete, expect they will hold gaming controllers instead of rackets, and compete from their homes.

The prize pool is set to be 150,000 dollars for both men and women competition, and the main point of this virtual tournament is to help all those tennis players who have financial problems since all tournaments are delayed. The winner of the tournament will decide the way of allocating that money, while there will be a bonus of 50,000 dollars for a charity and fighting against the coronavirus.


We are waiting to see the list of all players.

The Madrid tournament was supposed to be played from May 1 to 10, but the entire season on the clay was canceled due to a pandemic.

Wimbledon is also canceled, while Roland Garros will be played in September instead of in May.