The Witcher Season 3 – Potential Release Date and More

Every fiction fan was grabbing the edge of their chairs when the Witchers season 2 ended. The spectacular ending of the first season, and how the story progressed in season two had every fan wondering when The Witcher Season 3 will hit their screens.

We, ourselves, are among the fans who can not wait for the next season of the show. The story of this show progressed a lot in the previous season. Many secrets were revealed which is why the predictions are that the next season will have even more twists and story reveals. This explains the angst of all the fans out there. Therefore, every bit of knowledge that we possess about the Witcher season 3, we have jotted it down below.

The Witcher Season 3: Potential Release Date and More

Previous Seasons

The Witcher season 1 hit our screens in 2019. On 20th December 2019, the first episode of season 1 was released, and the rest of the season followed after. The show revolved around three major characters, Geralt of Rivia, Ciri, and Yennefer of Vengerberg. In chunks and bits, the first season showed the life of all three major characters in different timelines. What they went through, their struggles, and finally how they are all related to one another.

The character of Geralt is part of the witcher clan. They are monster hunters, who travel highs and lows to kill monsters. This hunt for monsters brings Geralt to Yennefer, who is a witch. The story then further showed how Geralt is linked to Ciri by destiny. At the end of season 1, we saw Ciri finally finding Geralt in the middle of a forest. On the other side, Yennefer is busy in the battle of Sodden.

Season 2 showed how Geralt protects Ciri and takes her to Kaer Morhen which is the safe haven of all witchers. In Kaer Morhen, Ciri learns how to pick and sword, and fight through other witchers living there. On the other side, Yennefer gets taken as a prisoner by Nilfgaardians, and due to using a fire spell in the Battle of Sodden, she has lost her magic. The major plot of this season showed Ciri, Yennefer, and a third female character, called Fringilla getting possessed by a witch called Voleth Meir.

The witch shows all three characters something that they truly desire, in order to get them under her spell. At the end of season 2, Voleth Meir possesses the body of Ciri. She traps Ciri in a dream where she is reunited with her family. The final battle of season 2 is in Kaer Morhen where all the witchers are trying to fight Voleth Meir in Ciri’s body. The end scene showed how Ciri fights to get out of the dream, and comes back to them, while they banish Voleth Meir.

Here comes a twist, the end scene of season 2 also revealed a major plotline. We saw throughout the season that Nilfgaardians are after Ciri, among many others. The ending of season 2 showed why they are after her. The king of Nilfgaardians is the father of Ciri, who was assumed dead.

Season 3 Potential Release Date

As the story of season 2 ended with a bang, it had all of us gnawing on our nails to find out what happens in the next season. The season 2 ending clearly showed that Ciri has Elder Blood. So, she is not only extremely powerful but she is also sought after by many enemies, including Nilfgaardians. The reason why everyone is after Ciri is because they want to use her powerful magic for their means. Nilfgaard is also one of the many who are after Ciri and the ending of season 2 showed that the king of Nilfgaard is Ciri’s own father.

Predictions are that the story of season 3 will most likely pick up from where it ended in season 2, where they revealed the king of Nilfgaard. In season 3, Ciri and Geralt will definitely find out that the person who is after Ciri is none other than Ciri’s own father. Here is the best news for all the Witcher fans who can not wait for the next season, sources have stated that season 3 of Witcher is currently under production. So, the show will be back on our screens in 2024 probably.

In addition to that, considering the fact that the 1st and the 2nd seasons aired in December, the 3rd season is also expected to hit our screens at the end of 2024. Even though Netflix has now announced an official release date for the next season, we have high hopes that it will be released in 2024, as it is currently under production.

Further Updates

We are hoping to see Geralt of Rivia back on our screens soon. But along with Geralt, many other characters are expected to make an appearance in the upcoming season of Witcher. The ending of season 2 showed Ciri, Geralt, and Yennefer, all in one place. So, of course, these three will be in the next season. Moreover, we are hoping to see more of Vesemir, Jaskier, Chair, Fringilla, Tissaia, and other mages.

Moreover, we are also expecting to see more of the witchers clan. They were introduced in season 2 when Geralt takes Ciri to Kaer Morhen. Last but not the least, how can we forget that the next season is most likely to revolve around Ciri’s father Duny, who is now Emhyr the Emperor of Nilfgaard.


The first and the second season of The Witcher had all the viewers holding their breaths. The story progressed beautifully in season 2 as it revealed why Ciri is so powerful and sought after. So, we are hoping the next season will be as captivating as well. Even though there is no confirmed release date, we are hoping to see the lead trio back on our screens by the end of 2024.