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Will there be a Season 7 of Curse of Oak Island?

The fans all over the world are wondering what could happen new in The Curse of Oak Island Season 7. The popular treasure hunt will return on TV but we do not know the details of the plot of the famous reality series. The main question of the fans is Will Rick and Marty finds a treasure? The History Channel only has revealed a few details of the upcoming season.

The fans of this popular television show are predicted that series must continue where the previous season left off because they want to find out how the crew members solve the following problems; will team get all the required permits for the next operations in the tree-infested island, and need to manage all the problems with machine operators, who went on a strike because they want a bigger salary.

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Every lover of this series on History Channel want to see in the first episode what happen during Winter season because the last season ended when Rick and Marty`s operations were put in danger because of the cold weather. If they want to save and preserve their equipment they must stop all the operations and excavations. Also, they need to be sure that the team members are safe. That kind of the first episode the fans want to see in the beginning in season 7.

In one spoiler for The Curse of Oak Island Season 7, we clearly saw that the crew with Rick and Marty will return to the Money Pit, and the official trailer also shows the crew members very dirty while they try to get a secretive, wooden object, which could be a part of a wrecked ship.

This spoiler opened up numerous speculations about that clues, and the fans are predicting that they will find a treasure in the wrecked ship in the Money Pit.

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Do not be surprised if you only watch lesser excavation in the new season because the machine operators stopped working.

All these predictions and speculations about The Curse of Oak Island Season 7 could be true, but also they can be false and incorrect.

The premiere of the new season 7 is in fall, in November 2019, on History Channel. We can expect 36 exciting and mysterious episodes, but until then we can watch the only spoiler and predict the adventures in the upcoming season.