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Why You Should Wait for the Newest iPhone?

The year of 2018 was an excellent one for those who decided to acquire new iPhones. However, those who didn`t might want to wait for the year of 2019. The reason is that there are some rumors that are saying that Apple plans to release new models this year. In September 2018, Apple released two new versions of iPhone, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS max. Also, they released a cheaper version of the 6.1 LCD model named iPhone XR.

We recommend that you get your hands on those if you are looking for a new phone at the moment. Those who are not looking for a phone urgently should be patient to see what will be released by Apple in 2019. Moreover, we are a few months away from new versions of the iPhone. Some rumors are saying that Apple has some special plans for the new generation of iPhones. We are going to present them with a few of them.

What Are the Rumors About New Generation of iPhone?

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Firstly, we can say that reportedly, iPhone planned to be released in 2019 will have the whole new setup for their camera, A13 processor, LCD displays who don`t require any pencil support or 3D touch, and OLED. Also, it has been rumored that they will have USB-C like new versions of iPad instead of lighting that featured on older versions of the iPhone. The other rumor is saying that they will keep the lighting. We will just need to wait and see what the result is.

Secondly, a certain report says that Apple will keep the 5W power adapter like it was on the older versions. Certainly, if this is true, users of a new iPhone will need to spend some more money on the charger who will charge their new iPhones faster. Surely, we can say that some of these rumors may be true for now. However, we know that the new generation of iPhones is in the developing process, and some of the plans could be changed.

We are going to present to you with reasons why you should decide to wait out for a new iPhone. We hope that we will have an influence on your future purchase.

Will New Versions of iPhone Feature a pencil Support?

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Before the 2018 generation of iPhones was released, it was rumored that they will feature pencil support. As we all know, in the end, that wasn`t the case. Why should we believe that is going to be different with new versions? Well, Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst that is highly respected in his line of work, said that there is a big chance of that happening with the 2019`s releases. If pencil support is something that you prefer, you should wait for new Apple`s new releases.

Are We Going to Some Battery Improvements?

According to Ming-Chi Kuo, a new generation of iPhone will have a much larger battery capacity and improved version of their internal battery. Older versions have a solid one as well, but he stated that new ones will be even better. Looks like that those who prefer bigger capacity of batteries should stay still until the autumn of 2019.

Will They Have a More Powerful Camera?

We think that 2018 versions of the iPhone have a tremendous camera. However, if you are looking for something better, you should wait for the new generation of iPhones. As we said, rumors are saying that 2019`s iPhones are going to feature a more powerful camera that generation before them. More specifically, that rumor talked about a camera that will have 3D sensing and stereoscopic imaging. Also, we are talking about the addition of a third lens that will give an option of 3X optical zoom to the consumer.

Wait for iPhone SE 2

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If you are following rumors surrounding Apple`s product, you probably know everything there is to know about iPhone SE 2. There are some rumors about it for two years now, and many devoted fans waited for it last year. As we know, nothing happened. However, if Apple decides to revive this project, there will be some rumors about it early in 2019.

Will They Have an Improved LTE and Wi-Fi?

We are not certain about a 5G, but we are pretty sure that new iPhones will have better Wi-Fi than older versions. An analyst from Barclays B. Curtis discussed the possibility of 2019`s iPhones having support for Wi-Fi 6. At CES 2019, attendees saw many products that have Wi-Fi 6 support, so we can be pretty certain that a new line of iPhones will have it.

Will New Line of iPhones Have Some Design Changes?

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Those who want thinner mobile devices should wait for the new iPhones. According to rumors, they will certainly be thinner and lighter than their predecessors. An analyst we mentioned earlier, Kuo, thinks that they will have a frosted glass casing. It is still to be seen how lighter and thinner they will be. Also, we believe that some other design changes will be a part of the new iPhones.