Why you need a film budget template

Films are probably the best form of entertainment that we have today, and also one of the most popular and expensive ones to make as well. A film is the product of quality teamwork and a lot of preparation, along with proper execution of all steps that were required, such as acting, stunts and visual and sound effects.

When it comes to watching films, there isn’t much philosophy around it, you simply play the role of the viewer, and you sit back and relax for a certain amount of time. In most cases, you learn something new and useful as well.


However, when it comes to making films, things tend to get a bit more complicated. Like we all know, the film industry is really booming and it isn’t planning on stopping anytime soon. But as much we all love new films to constantly be released, the truth is that they do cost a lot of money.

What are film budget templates and why do I need one?

Budget and budget planning is probably the most important thing when it comes to film making. There are at least a dozen people who are involved in the entire process connected with earning and spending the budget on the right places. And according to, if you are a filmmaker, especially a new one, chances are that you will be needing a film budget template as well. Newer filmmakers are really dependent on some sort of a budget in order to make their ideas come true in the form of a film, so you will most likely need to submit some requests for the funding of your film, and you certainly cannot do that without filling a film budget template.


Also, they are extremely handy not just in the budget requesting process, but in the spending as well. By knowing where every penny is exactly meant to be spent, you will avoid making mistakes which are really common in the film industry, such as going over or under the budget and simply misusing the money that you have. All of your film expenses will be listed on the template and your entire crew along with the producer will know what’s going on next.

In the film budget template all of the actor’s rates and expenses are listed, all of the location rental prices and expenses are listed as well, and ultimately a good film budget template will have a total cost for each of the recording weeks, so that you can have a much clearer vision of how much money you’re spending.


As we all know already, there are short (under an hour) and full-length films which are the standard ones we watch at the cinema, usually the blockbusters. Depending on what type of a film you are currently making, your film budget template may vary in terms of looks and contents. Usually, the ones for short films will obviously be shorter and simpler compared to the ones in which thousands of actors and different locations need to be listed.

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