Why Wasn’t Katie Holmes Allowed to Date Anyone After her Divorce?

Her marriage with Tom Cruise ended in 2012. She accepted some controversial divorce clauses, which only went public years later. Katie was the one who asked for the divorce. Back then, Tom Cruise said he was caught off guard and that he was “deeply sad.” The divorce was signed very fast. Katie accepted the many prohibitions, but one of those was not strictly followed.

Katie Holmes wasn’t allowed to date anyone for 5 years. She also couldn’tt say anything about Tom’s religion, Scientology.

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But, a little over s year after the divorce, she was seen dancing with Jamie Foxx, and the rumors of them being together started.

At the time, Foxx denied saying “It’s quite hilarious because we simply danced at a charity event.”

Even so, the rumors spread like wildfire. In 2016, a friend let the secret slip out. “He is very happy with her.” The “secret relationship” was constantly in the media.

Then, in 2017, they were seen holding hands. Coincidence or not, right after the 5-year anniversary Katie’s divorce, Holmes and Foxx confirmed the relationship. After that, they went together to the Pre-Grammy Gala. They were also seen kissing at the beach. And when a tabloid claimed they were no longer together, Katie said it was “100% untrue”.

The actress allegedly earned 5 million dollars form the divorce, and received 4.8 million dollars in child support. Katie is giving love a new chance, and we all see how happy she looks!