Why Self-Care Should Always Be a Priority

In the modern world, where schedules are jammed-packed with obligations to career and family, it’s not surprising that most of us neglect our mental, physical, and spiritual health. With the onset of the pandemic in 2020, many of us found that the increased stress levels were too much to bear and left us looking for ways to take better care of ourselves.

If you feel worn down or acknowledge that you spend more time giving to others and not enough time taking care of your own needs, you may need to consider a new self-care routine. Self-care is the process of putting your own needs first to ensure that you can go forward in balance and self harmony. Giving the best of yourself to the world and the others around you is dependent on being able to put time and effort aside to focus on what you need.

There is an adage that claims that you can’t pour from an empty glass. This simply means that it is impossible to give the best of yourself to others if your soul is exhausted and empty. To prevent ourselves from reaching this point, it’s important to recognize the importance of self-care.

In a world that mandates for women, especially that giving is the only way to show that you care, putting time aside for your own needs may feel like a selfish act. Without taking the time to focus on your needs, you can end up being a victim of extreme stress, a lack of sleep, the inability to stay motivated, and physical and emotional exhaustion. When you feel this way, it is hard to give others the best version of yourself.

You could chart your own moods with an Aura Camera 6000 from auraphoto.com, or you could journal your feelings and needs to help you determine what you need to change about your routine to include more time for self-care. Let’s take a closer look at a few reasons why self-care should be a priority in your life.

Reduce Stress


High levels of stress can be very harmful to your physical and mental health. It is estimated that over 40 million Americans suffer from anxiety and depression brought on by stress. Taking just a few minutes a day to practice self-care in meditation or relaxing activities like enjoying a hot bath, doing a quick exercise, reading a good book, chatting with a loved one, cuddling with your pet, drinking hot tea, or watching a funny movie, can help you reduce your overall stress levels.

When your body is under stress, it is more difficult to be productive and present in the moment. You may have difficulty sleeping, resulting in shortened attention spans, cognitive impairment, and moodiness. When you learn to manage your stress through a self-care routine, you can work towards being the best version of yourself.

Improved Self Esteem


You may see yourself as a giver that dedicates a lot of time and effort to the important people in your life, but it’s important to recognize when your need to give is really an avoidance of self-care. When you don’t recognize that you are the most important person in your life, you could be battling with low self-esteem, which can affect almost all areas of your life.

When you dedicate yourself to a self-care routine, you train your brain to recognize that your needs are a priority. It is a crucial part of regaining your emotional, spiritual and physical harmony to face the world with a more giving heart.

Increased Self Awareness


One of the most dangerous factors to your overall health is not being able to recognize when you are doing too much. Learning how to manage stress is an important goal, but so is being able to recognize when you have been putting too much on your plate. When you dedicate yourself to a self-care routine, you will slowly begin to learn how to recognize your own triggers and symptoms of taking on too much.

Better Sleep

Getting a night of good sleep is the best way to help you feel rejuvenated and energized. When you are not sleeping well, and you have a million things running through your mind at night, you are robbing your body of its important healing sleep cycles. One of the best ways to begin your self-care routine is to create a bedtime routine that will help you get the crucial rest you need.

You can start your bedtime routine by setting a consistent bedtime; you will quickly teach your body to get back on track with your natural sleep cycles. Next, create a sleeping environment that is quiet and soothing. Make your bed with soft sheets and your favorite blanket, and turn down the lights. Turn off the television, store away your devices, do a few stretches, listen to some soothing music, light an aromatherapy candle and let yourself drift off into a healing sleep.

Be More Productive


You may think that putting in more hours is equal to being productive, but you would be wrong. Being productive is all about clarity, retention, and being able to focus. When you neglect your self-care, you leave your body prone to higher levels of stress. Stress can be detrimental to your productivity, making it more difficult to focus and impossible to complete tasks and practice critical thinking. Avoid multitasking and set clear boundaries, not only at work but also at home. Know your limits and say no to unrealistic requests, even from loved ones.

When you embrace a self-care routine, you will give your mind and body the chance to reset and be reinvigorated. This additional energy will help you to complete your tasks more efficiently and increase your overall productivity.

Self-care isn’t going to the salon or shopping spree. It’s spoiling yourself in a non-material way. Making sure your mental and spiritual health remains a priority can help improve your quality of life. Start putting yourself first and discover new ways to improve your self-care routine.