Why JLo hated Alex’s ex-wife?

JLo and Cynthia couldn’t stand each other… Every time they saw each other, they just wanted to insult each other.

Everything started when Jennifer Lopez met Alex Rodriguez.

They both fell in love immediately, and sooner than later, they moved in together.

Around that time, JLo saw that her partner gave too much money to his ex-wife. She told him: “Alex, you shouldn’t give them that much, you’re earning less. “Don’t you think it’s a bit unwise? “You’re giving them the same child support money that you gave them when you were playing for the Yankees.

Alex listened carefully to his new partner, and of course, he told Cynthia.

This brought huge problems into his life. Cynthia thought that his new girlfriend was manipulating him. Then, she gave a lot of statements saying terrible things about Jennifer Lopez.

For Cynthia Rodriguez, she was this weird kind of bad influence in the life of Alex. She claimed she was a terrible woman. And also, incredibly greedy who just wanted to fill her pockets.


JLo had her own views and prejudices. But, out of respect towards Alex, she preferred to stay quiet. However, every time they met, they simply looked away. Or they would say hello to each other without uttering a single word.

However, one day everything changed. Alex’s oldest daughter was turning 15, and he didn’t want this celebration to be an excuse for JLo and Cynthia to argue.

Feeling tortured by the situation, he called JLo… “I’d like you to be with me for this. “Don’t do it for me; do it for my daughter. JLo thought a lot about what her fiancée was asking from the bottom of his heart. She realized that their little quarrels were something insignificant. And that she was simply keeping them out of her absurd pride.

JLo immediately approached Cynthia and apologized for any times that she may have overstepped. She also explained that her relationship with Alex hadn’t been that easy for her. And that she’s trying to be better as a partner and as a stepmother to his little girls. Cynthia felt deeply quilty…

And she also apologized for all the bad times… That way, the family had the best time ever.

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