5 Reasons why Hoop Earrings are Popular

The trendiness of the hoop earrings never really seems to fade, considering they have been around since ancient times and continue to adorn the ears of many classy females nowadays. What makes them so popular is the minimalistic design telling so much about the person who wears them. It is common to believe that the same earrings look different depending on who wears them.

Therefore, the ability of hoop earrings to highlight some of the otherwise dormant attributes of someone’s character is not to be neglected and is probably a major reason for the constant presence of the hoops on the ears of most beautiful women worldwide.

Not only did they make women throughout history more beautiful and unique, but the hoop earrings also do not seem to fail to beautify and complete the looks of the contemporary women. The most recent rise in the popularity of wearing this type of earrings owes its gratitude to the Latin-American superstar, Jay Lo, who never stops to surprise her worldwide fans. Since she is a global influencer, the rise in interest for the hoops have skyrocketed.

The thing worth mentioning is that the hoops were already there the whole time, and the wearing of them by a famous person was just a trigger moment for the masses. You can see the hoops anywhere, worn by both Beyonce and the first lady of the White House, hence the questioning of the style these beauties bring is in vain.

The beauty of the hoop earrings lies in the simplicity of their design and elegance contained in the gentle circular form. What is the main benefit of this design is that it can fit almost everyone, considering that the shape can be modified according to the wants and needs of the wearer. Namely, certain people will enjoy wearing the big, imposing variants of the hoop earrings, while others prefer smaller, miniature versions of this piece of jewelry. On the other hand, you do not have to choose these earrings solely by their size.

Moreover, the unique characteristic of the hoops is that they can be worn on any part of the body that you find appropriate. Therefore, wearing an earring on your eyebrow or between nostrils may be your way of expressing style in a not that standard matter. The locations on your body where you can put your favorite earring are not limited to your head, hence if you think wearing it elsewhere is a smart choice, you have our most sincere support!

Drawing Attention to Your Face

Whether you like it or not, wearing hoop earrings draws the attention of your interlocutors and fixates their looks on your face. Knowing this puts you in the driving seat since you can use it to your advantage. Therefore, if there is an important venue to take place in the recent future where you need to have all eyes on you, manipulation with the hoop earrings is what you want to do in order to achieve the desired effect. Otherwise, do not wear them if you do not want to be seen. Whether you want silver hoop earrings or other fashionable accessories that will make you stand out from the crowd, try picking up the item you want at EandeJewellery.

They are Timeless

Not only will you look amazing wearing your hoop earrings at the business meeting combined with elegant pants and a stylish shirt, but you can look astonishing with those same earrings in the gym, while you work off your daily routine. The amazing feature of the hoops is that they can be paired with almost anything, it only depends on what are you trying to state with your outfit. Whatever you have in your mind, the hoops will help you accomplish it.

They Represent a Homage to the Nineties

The wearing of the hoops never got out of the style, moreover, they just did not continue to be that popular as they used to be. Well, they are coming back with a blow. Since they have been one of the infallible parts of the ‘90s fashionable outfit, the revocation of one of the craziest decades into contemporary culture would not be complete without the hoop earrings. Therefore, even the millennials and the boomers are given the chance to experience the spirit of the nineties.

Bloggers Love them

You probably follow some famous bloggers advising on different life subjects while they look amazing whenever they stand in front of the camera. Not only do they teach you how to handle certain life situations or advise you how to dress or highlight your style, but they also uniquely influence their viewers. Well, now it is official that the hoops are back in the game because it is really hard to find a respectable fashion blogger without hoop earrings, whether wearing them or talking about them on their blogs.

They Come in Unique Designs

We all know what comes to our mind the first when we mention the hoop earrings. Well, probably not much, but it is the minimalistic beauty of this piece of jewelry that makes it so special. Namely, although it is the hoop that gives the hoop earring its form, it is far from making it complete. There we have the chance to be original and chose from a variety of materials to simple accessories we may add to the basic form in order to make it special. There are no limitations when it comes to modifying your hoop earrings and you may go as far as your imagination is ready to take you. On the other hand, if you lack inspiration lately, you may always ask for a piece of advice from your friends or even ask for assistance from the internet community.

If you had any doubts about wearing your hoop earrings, things must have become clearer to you after reading all the aforementioned explaining what makes the hoops cool. Not only will you be able to express your style by wearing them, but you will also be the one easy to get noticed wherever you go. Since you have numerous possibilities when it comes to both size and the place you want to wear your piercings, selecting a perfect combination would come to you as a sweet torment.

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