5 Reasons Why Good Mattresses Are So Expensive

One question that’s often asked is why mattresses are so expensive.

Everybody wants to sleep well and to feel relaxed, but not everyone wants to give a lot of money on a good mattress.

But the reality is that you need to pay extra money if you want to have a good mattress because if you don’t do it, you’ll be disappointed. And no one wants to wake up more tired than they were when they went to bed.

You will find out the reason for the high prices if you keep reading this article. The explanation is reasonable; so that the next time you go shopping you won’t be sorry for the money.

And before anything, ask yourself: is it more relevant to save a few bucks or have a quality sleep every night?

Do you realize how important is it to have a good night’s sleep? A human being needs to sleep every day to stay alive; it’s like drinking water. A human body uses night and the time of rest to revitalize. It’s a process that helps us function better, and if we don’t have enough sleep, we will not function the next day.

And one of the reasons people have lousy sleeping schedules and why they wake up often at night is terrible mattresses.

And terrible ones often come with a terrible cheap price that can be tempting to everyone. Who doesn’t like a great deal and to find something for a low price. But sometimes, the cheapest things eventually become the most expensive ones – and we will explain what we mean by this.

The thing with mattresses is that you can’t buy a good one for a low price, and if you find one that’s cheap, the possibility is that it’s not good.

Finally, we’ve prepared answers about why you should never question the price of a mattress, if you don’t want to think about back pain.

1. You don’t buy a mattress every other day

According to, buying a mattress is an investment, investment in good sleep, and enjoyable life. And they aren’t something that you are going to buy frequently. Many years will pass before you need to buy a new one. Did you know that a good quality mattress can last you up to 15 years? Yes, that’s an extended period, and some can last that long and still preserve its features. And even after all those years, you will still feel like the mattress is almost as new. The firmness and the softness will still be there.

But some people are buying mattresses more frequently. Every other year, or even there are those unfortunate ones that need to buy a new mattress every year. And you know what the difference between these two types of people is?

Those who own mattresses that last for up 15 or 10 years are willing to give a bit of extra money when shopping. Those who need to replace their mattresses often are those who wanted to save and thought that they could get a really great mattress for just $200.

The reality is that you can often find great cheap things, but when it comes to your well-being, health, and wellness, you shouldn’t choose the short-term solution. And if you don’t want a short-term solution and want something that’s made out of quality material that will last long, you will have to pay a little more.

And finally, if you divide the price of a good mattress with days that you’re going to use it, and if you do the same with the cheap one – guess what? The cheap one will be more expensive because you will have to buy it more frequently.

And it’s always good to invest in something that will last longer and then buy something that you’ll need to replace soon after you bought it.

2. The quality of the material

We already touched upon this topic in the previous paragraph, but it deserves to have its own. The material of the mattress is essential; the final product can’t be excellent if the material is not.

And yes, you’ve guessed it right – the good quality material is always going to be a little bit on the expensive side. The manufacturers that make their mattresses out of super-quality material will price them a little bit more. Those mattresses will last long; they will not deform and cause you any trouble and pain while sleeping.

3. The type of mattress

One of the main things that form the price of a mattress is, of course, the size of it, and the type. The ones with a lower price are the innerspring one – but they can still be a perfect option.

The memory foam ones are more expensive because memory foam cost extra, but they often fit anyone’s needs and are great.

And finally, the most expensive ones are the hybrid mattresses that combine the previous two; they are both made out of innerspring and memory foam or latex. And we can say that they are the best ones because they combine the best things from both worlds.

4. The final touches

Did you know that even the borders on the mattress add up to the price? Now you know, and if you want to have a mattress with a hand-stitched border, you need to be prepared to pay more. The borders that are done by machines are less expensive, just like the quilted ones.

So, when buying a mattress, you need to consider these kinds of small touches too.

5. Your health

If you are still asking yourself is it worth to pay a bit more for a mattress, you should start asking yourself how much your health is worth. Is it worth waking up every morning with back pain, or feeling like you slept on needles, and feeling everything but relaxed?

Think about your future and your health. Investing in an excellent mattress is investing in your health. If you are waking up energized and relaxed every morning, you will be able to conquer the world. And if you are tired and are not feeling like yourself, you are not going to be productive, which will result in you doing a lousy job. And that all depends on the quality of your mattress.

The next time you ask yourself why is a mattress so expensive, remember that it’s because you are not buying only a mattress, you are buying a way of life.

Hopefully, you’ll find what you are looking for, and you will enjoy your new mattress that much that you will want to sleep all day.

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