6 Reasons why expensive sunglasses are worth buying

Buying expensive shades is totally based on your desire to buy branded designer eyewear with a premium quality frame and lens material. If you are thinking of buying glasses with a high price tag, then check whether it is offering the basic features, i.e., UV rays protection, eliminates glare giving you a clear vision, and protects your eyes from exposure to bright lights on sunny days.

During the summer season, the demand for sunglasses is at its peak. That’s the time your eyes can get maximum damage from the sun’s harmful rays and need protection from bright, intense light during the daytime.

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Wearing expensive sunglasses has multiple benefits, and paying extra money can be value for money. Here are the following reasons why expensive sunglasses are worth buying.

1. Expensive sunglasses offer protection from Ultraviolet rays

The primary reason to buy expensive sunglasses is that it protects your eyes against the harmful UV rays from the sun. UVA and UVB rays are harmful rays from the sun that can damage your eyes, causing cataracts and retinal damage, and can even cause cancer in rare cases.

Wearing cheap sunglasses can be harmful to your eyes as they are incapable of absorbing the UV rays from the sun and prevent them from entering your eyes. Whereas mid-range sunglasses offer UV rays protection, but they are not effective enough like those expensive branded shades. Hence, if you are planning to buy expensive sunglasses that protect from UV rays, then it is absolutely value for money.

2. Polarization properties make your sunglasses more effective

Several sunglasses offer polarization properties, i.e., these glasses eliminate the glare coming from flat reflecting surfaces during the daytime. Sunglasses with polarization properties are totally worth buying with a higher price tag. Glare can also be harmful to your eyes, causing difficulty to have clear sight and eye strain leading to headaches.

To prevent this from happening, expensive branded sunglasses come with good quality lenses with multiple coatings with a chemical that reflects horizontal light entering through the lens. This prevents squinting your eyes, and you can see more while keeping your eyes open. Sunglasses with polarization properties have nothing to do with protecting your eyes from UV rays. The lens of the glasses will absorb the same level of UV rays with or without the polarization feature.

3. The lens size and color of your sunglasses

The size and color of your glasses are important aspects to look into before buying expensive sunglasses. While buying these expensive shades, ensure that the lenses are big enough to prevent the UV rays from entering your eyes around the lenses. Sunglasses with a bigger lens provide more visual coverage and protect against harmful UV rays penetrating your eyes. Apart from this, glasses with a bigger lens are considerably more in fashion.

The common myth circles around sunglasses that dark lenses block UV rays from entering your eyes. The lens color has nothing to do with UV rays protection, and darker lenses are useful in enhancing the color contrast and gives you a clear vision through your shades. Consult an eye doctor to choose the perfect eye color for your eyes.

4. Expensive sunglasses protect from intense bright light

The expensive eyewear comes with good quality lenses that prevent intense bright lights directly penetrating your eyes. Sudden exposure to intense bright lights can harm your eyes and causes squinting more often. When your eyes are exposed to sudden bright lights, it forces your iris to close as much as it can and leads to blurring images or darkness in your eyes.

A good quality lens will block 97 percent of such intense bright lights entering your eyes directly, enhance color contrast and let your eyes receive an adequate amount of light so the iris can expand or contract naturally. There is no loss in paying for expensive eyewear that offers protection from intense bright lights.

5. Expensive sunglasses comes with premium quality flame material and lenses

Another reason to shell out extra cash for expensive shades is that it comes with premium quality frames and lenses. There are different types of frames that reflect in your glasses and make you look even more stylish and fashionable. Also, these frames are completely flexible and give you a firm grip and fit comfortably on your face. These frames are made of good quality material and are durable, and last longer than the cheap glasses.

Talking about lenses, a high price tag offers you good quality lenses that serve all the features of premium quality eyewear. These lenses come with extra lens coating that lasts for a long time and are made with the latest technology that offers UV rays protection. Expensive sunglasses are always a better option and worth buying when it comes to wearing premium quality eyewear.

6. Expensive sunglasses make you look stylish and fashionable

Expensive branded sunglasses make you look fashionable and give you a premium, stylish look. Expensive shades have a variety of frame designs and come with multiple lens colors and shapes to choose from. Selecting the perfect design frame and the right color, and a bigger lens that covers your eyes properly makes you look cool and intimidating.

Final Thoughts

If you are fond of branded shades and want premium quality eyewear, then you won’t regret paying extra for a high price tag. Investing in expensive sunglasses you would want offers all the primary features like shielding your eyes from UV rays from the sun, comes with polarization properties that reflect bright lights directly entering your eyes and flatter your face shape.

Also, expensive glasses are made with durable lenses and frame material and last for a long time. There is always enough reason to buy expensive sunglasses, and completely worth buying them.