Why Did the Statue of Donald Trump go up in Flames?

Unidentified suspects have burned down the statue of the American president Donald Trump, that in Slovenia. Why did that happen, and who did it?

The statue was made to criticize Trump because of his political views. And all of the drama that has been going between America and Iran.

The statue was 8 meters high, and it was made out of wood, and “Trump” was wearing a blue suit, white shirt, and a red tie, but everything disappeared in the fire.

The artist behind this statue, Tomaz Schlegl, said that he is not surprised by what happened and that what happened was, in fact, the purpose of his project.

He said that when he was building the statue came up with the idea that in the end, he burns it in an artistic performance, but someone beat him to it. Everything happened overnight, and people did what they wanted to do.

The statue was built the last august in Slovenia – the homeland of Trump’s wife, Melania.

It was first placed in a small village, Sela pri Kamniku, in northern Slovenia, but the locals didn’t like it, because a lot of tourists started coming to that town. It was then moved to another city, Moravce.

But this isn’t the first time that Slovenia gets a statue of someone from the Trump family. The first statue was one of Melania in her hometown Sevnica.

The funny part about the statue of Donald was that it had two faces, one that one nice and the other one that had scary vampire-like teeth. The artist explained that the point was to show the hypocrisy.

Schlegl said that the other faces represent the other face of politics and how those in power change their looks. They have one that is pretty for the public, but their souls and hearts are ugly. They are showing themselves in the best way, they are pretty, but they only think about themselves. They want to rule, and they don’t do anything for the people.

When he was asked, will there be another statue of Trump in Slovenia he said that he isn’t Hollywood to do sequels.