Why Did Dwayne Johnson Stop Playing Football?

The Rock is one of the most popular faces on this planet of ours. Not only that he is famous for his WWE
career, but in the last few decades he started working in Hollywood. He was cast in a high number of the
most popular movies in the 21st century. His success is credited both to his talent and physiques. What’s
important to know about Mr. Johnson is that he has much success in all part of his career, from WWE to
Hollywood. But, did you know that Dwayne ”The Rock” Johnson played football before he started being
a part of WWE? We are pretty sure that is something that is not known about him.

The Rock’s Football Career

In the early nineties, Dwayne Johnson or “Dewey”, how he was called by his teammates, played for the
Miami Hurricanes” on the position of a defensive lineman. With his perfect physique of 290 pounds and
6’5’’, he was a force to be reckoned with. His records are 4.25 sacks and 77 tackles. These records were
achieved when he was at school. He was not a star player, but he was one of the best in his team. His ex-
coach Ed Orgeron recently stated that The Rock was a highly recruited kid and that he and other coaches
were pretty excited to have him in their team.

The Rock’s Teammates

The competition at defensive lineman position was pretty high during the time The Rock was playing
football for his school. The main reason he remained on the bench most of the time was his teammate
Warren Sapp, who later became a star in NFL. So, him not playing is not an attack on his talent. Simply,
his teammate was better than him. We are sure that The Rock wasn’t sorry for this because nine players
from his team in high school made it to the NFL in the end. So, it is not a surprise that he, even with his
perfect physique and strength, he didn’t achieve better results in his short football career. The Rocks
stated several times how much respect he has for Warren Sapp.

How Good Was The Rock?

Warren Sapp gave one interview where he stated that The Rock was 6 out of 10 when it comes to talent
for football. Johnson’s another teammate Leon Searcy stated that he doesn’t agree with Warren Sapp
and that he thinks that The Rock had much more to offer than Warren Sapp said. One more thing that
we think is important to point out that The Rock suffered a set of injuries that probably ended his
football career earlier than he planned to end it.

The Conclusion

Because of the injuries he suffered throughout the years he played football, Dwayne Johnson was forced
to stop his career. He admitted that he had a couple of hard years after his career stopped. However, as
you probably know, this didn’t mean that he will not succeed later in life. He became one of the most
popular and highest-paid wrestlers in WWE and, in 2019, he became the highest-paid actor in the world.
Today, he mainly works in movies, but he appears at WWE events frequently.