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Why Consuming More Protein and Drinking More Water Will Assist in Hair Growth

Losing your hair can be very unfortunate. While it is more of an issue for men than for women, hair loss is something that anybody can relate to and is a very common issue when it comes to anybody’s appearance.

Think about it: What is the first thing that most people see when it comes to appearance?

Hair, that’s what.

How many times have you noticed something about somebody’s hair, and how many times have you spent a significant amount of time making sure your looks presentable.

All things considered, issues that entail hair loss and growth will always be one of the most relevant topics when it comes to health and appearance.

Among all the ways to regrow that are natural and do not require expensive surgeries or treatments, there is one method that is relatively simple.

And that method is to simply include more protein in your diet.

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Why protein?

Increasing concern for health risks including too much carbohydrate intake has given way to a new appreciation for it in diets.

Bodybuilders, for example, are told to consume two grams of protein for every pound that they weigh in order to maintain their impressive muscle mass.

While you should probably not consume that much protein, it would not be a bad thing to include a little more of it in your diet.

But why is protein useful for growth and maintenance?

Hair is made of it, that’s why.

Enter keratin, a specific protein that needs to grow and stay alive.

Think of keratin as fuel for your hair. A structural protein that is fibrous, it is found not only in hair but also in nails and the outer layer of human skin.

You can tell if someone is keratin deficient just by looking at them. Their looks very thin, their skin coarse, and their nails look very flaky.

Foods that are high in protein, cholesterol, and fat also have high keratin content. Consuming such food allows your hair to gather more nutrients which can even help it to regrow.

Besides foods that contain a lot of protein, such as eggs, meat, and nuts, coconut milk is also very effective for assisting in growth.

According to coconut milk contains protein, vitamin C, and other minerals such as zinc that can assist greatly in growth and maintenance. It can be used for drinking, cooking, and some shampoos and conditioners actually contain coconut milk.

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The protein content you get from coconut milk will provide much-needed nutrients for your hair that it was probably deficient in.

Protein comes with fat and cholesterol, and that can be an issue if you lead a sedentary lifestyle. However, the fat and cholesterol issue when it comes it can be solved by just being more active. Even something like taking a walk for a half hour a day will improve your heart health and will render the fat and cholesterol content contained in protein mostly harmless.

If you are still concerned about this, check your cholesterol levels and see where you stand.

Stay hydrated…your hair’s counting on it

Are you properly hydrated?

In most cases, you are probably not, and that’s not entirely your fault.

With all kinds of hysteria surrounding tap water supply and bottled water, it is not uncommon to be extremely cynical about drinking water.

All of this considered, you must maintain proper hydration levels throughout the day, for if you do not, it will pay the price.

Do not forget that a lot of our body’s organs and parts rely on water for its main nutrients. It is no exception.

If you go too many days without proper hydration, you will lose hair rapidly. Without the proper nutrients to survive, it will fall out.

But what kind of water should you drink? Here are a couple of tips about proper water consumption.

Avoid tap and bottled water at all costs. Both of these are teeming with all kinds of chemicals that your body will not like in the long run.

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Instead, do all you can to procure alkaline water, but if you cannot even do that, According to WaterFilterSystem’s research, you can buy a water filter pitcher that will help you get excellent quality of water.

Bottled and tap water come from very questionable sources, but these sources can be micromanaged by filtering it or by buying alkaline water.

Hair loss, growth, and management can be a complicated issue, but it does not need to be. If you just increase protein content in your diet and stay hydrated the right way, it will have all the tools it needs to grow and thrive.

You don’t need to frantically look for what kinds of procedures and surgeries you might need if you find that you are losing your hair. All you need to do is consider making a couple of adjustments to your daily life.