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Why are IO Games so addictive

Video games are one of the best ways to relax and have fun whether alone or with a group of friends. They let you escape reality and immerse in a world of fiction. There are many video games that you can choose from. The gaming industry advanced a lot in the past decade, and now tons of new video games get released each year for you to enjoy. Just like music and movies, you can choose from many different genres when it comes to games as well. Even if you’re a person that hasn’t paid much attention to gaming, we’re pretty sure that by looking deeper into the world of video games you will find something interesting for you. Today we’re talking about IO games. If you don’t know what they are, we’ve got you covered with this article. Let’s begin.

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What are IO Games?

In the world of free online games, a few years ago a game called was released. Since then, thousands of people were hooked to it. After that release, people started making many other IO games that also got really famous in a very short period of time. Such examples are,, and Now for a little explanation on what IO games are. Well, the .IO part isn’t really connected to the game, believe it or not. It just stands as the domain name extension for the British Indian Ocean, IO. However, since the previously mentioned titles basically “defined” what kind of games are going to be called IO games, people assumed that the genre is called like that. But, unfortunately, it’s just the domain.

Why are IO Games so addictive?

IO Games are free online games that let you have tons of fun while playing with many other people across the globe. Some are very competitive, like and The addictive part about them is that they let you try countless times all over and over again. Like we mentioned earlier, some of these games are really competitive and people will try to win or be the best almost all the times. The sense of competition just makes you want more and more of these games. And the feeling when you finally manage to be the best on the entire server is truly amazing.

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In for example, you are a tiny worm (on the start at least) that needs to eat in order to grow larger. You are put with about two hundred other people in a server that has one map. You need to move around the map and collect candies and other sorts of food in order to increase your score and your size. You can use the right click of your mouse or the space button on your keyboard to “boost” and increase your moving speed. This, however, drains your health and reduces your size if used too long. That’s why you need to make the right decision on using it. You might be thinking that this isn’t really that exciting. Well, we haven’t gotten to that part yet. The thing is, there are 200 other worms that might be possibly larger than you, all of which are controlled by a real player. And they’re all trying to eat you. If you like to experience some amazing worm survival royale, you should totally check out