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Who are top motivational speakers in the World 2019?

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Motivational speaking has become increasingly popular in the 21st century and motivational speakers have become very influential people. They usually hold their speeches in front of the masses, or they prepare and sell their speeches in the forms of books, videos, etc. Let’s see the top ten of them.

1. Nick Vujicic

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He was born on the 4th December in 1982 in Melbourne, Australia. From his birth, he has been suffering from Tetra-Amelia syndrome. This is a very rare disease and people who have do not have any of the four limbs. This was extremely hard for Nick since he had both mental and physical issues and problems in his life. However, this did not waver him and he grew up in a positive person who became capable of adapting to each and every situation in his life. To make things even more interesting, he learned to type, and he can type 43 words in just 1 minute. In order to make the lives of the people suffering from the same disorder, he made an organization “Life Without Limbs”.

2. Brian Tracy

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He was born on the 5th of January in 1944, Vancouver, Canada. During his lifetime he has been determined to help people grow and develop. He also made an organization called Brian Tracy International with the same goal. So, he fights for the people’s ability to fully develop themselves and to reach their maximums. His primary interests are in the fields of business and economics, but he is also interested in psychology and philosophy. He has worked with a lot of companies and individuals guiding them through their development. He is included in the top motivational speakers in the world.

3. Robin Sharma

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He was born in Nepal in 1964. We should mention that he enrolled at Dalhousie University where he attended the School of Law. He is a professional lawyer, but this is not the only thing he does in his life. We should mention that he is a very prolific author and that he published 15 books until now. He wrote them in the period from 1995 to 2011. The fundamentals that he covers in his books are connected to leadership and how to improve oneself. We should also mention that he is the author of the book called The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, and that this book was bought five million times, and all over the globe. This is not his only bestseller, he has 12 more of these.

4. Wayne Dyer

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He was born on the 10th May in 1940, Detroit, the USA. We should also mention that he is a USA Navy graduate, 1958 – 1962. During this time there, he became a counselor and he decided this to be a professional call. He stopped teaching and he decided to become a motivational speaker. He used to hold various lectures and write various books, which made him a very popular author. We should mention that he wrote his first book and succeeded in selling it in 35 million copies. He never stops and he is constantly giving lectures and writing, and he also prepares audio tapes.

5. Zig Ziglar

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He was born on the 6th of November in 1926 in AL, the USA. We should also mention that he died on the 28th of November 2012. When he was just five, he lost his father and was left alone with his mother and eleven brothers and sisters. Unfortunately, he also lost a sister two years after his father died. We should mention that he was an active soldier from 1935 to 1946 and that he was fighting in the Second World War. When he was just 17, he met his wife. We should also mention that he worked in sales and that he even succeeded in becoming the vice president of the Automotive Performance Company. 1975 saw the arrival of his first book under the title See You at the Top. After this, he wrote 14 more books.

6. Arnold Schwarzenegger

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He was born on the 30th of July in 1947 in Austria. He is surely one of the biggest celebrities and stars in the world since he is a very well-known actor that became famous by acting in the Terminator franchise. Apart from, this, he also had a very successful bodybuilding career. When he was 18 he needed to be a soldier in Austria for the entire year since this was compulsory for all men there at that time. Even though he was in the army, he never stopped to work out. He became the winner of the Junior Mr. Europe contest at that time. He is a disciplined man in terms of training.

7. Jim Rohn

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Born on the 17th September in 1930, Yakima, Washington, the USA, he died on the 5th December 2009. We should mention that he was the CEO of a company called Nutri-Bio. The company eventually stopped to exist and he held a speech in the club. He was very good and he then started to receive many other invitations to hold another speech. He succeeded to put his experience from business in his motivational speeches.

8. Les Brown

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Born on the 17th February in1945, Miami, FL, the USA. It should be noted that he grew up as an adopted child and that he was considered as educable mentally retarded when he was at school. This all made him work harder and better and become even more capable than others. He wrote a lot of books, It’s Not over Until you Win! And Live Your Dreams are the most popular ones.

9. Tony Robbins

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He was born on the 29th of February in LA, the USA. He had a hard childhood and he decided to leave his home when he was 17. We should mention that he worked as the promoter of John Rohn’s speeches.

10. Eric Thomas

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We should mention that he spent his childhood in Detroit and that he lived on the streets from the age of 16. He is famous for the series called Thank God It’s Monday.

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