When was Cardboard Invented?


The word ‘cardboard boxes’ will not tickle your senses I guess, but when it comes to its utility and usage, then no one can deny for sure. This is simple yet a great stiff thing that is so much facilitating. It’s not just the utility of these cardboard boxes that makes them so special; instead, there is much more to discover about these wonder boxes. Now, cardboard is used for the preparation of customized product packaging too.

The moment when first-time cardboard boxes introduced

It was many moons ago when in 1817 a brilliant head named Sir Malcolm Thornhill got this bright idea of producing boxes, at that time cardboard boxes made of single sheets. These single sheets of cardboard earned a good name. Around the 1840’s, the transportation of moths and eggs were started by silk manufacturers, and in these cardboard boxes, Japan transported these two items to Europe. The moment when cardboard boxes came into the limelight was in the 1850’s. The usage of cardboard boxes achieved a milestone when a popular company named Kellog began to use cardboard as the packaging for their cereals.


Ridged paper of cardboard

The ridged cardboard that has corrugated sheet came in the year of 1856. Two Englishmen came up with this and the basic idea at that time was to use it as a hat lining.

Cardboard sheet for wrapping the bottles + glass lanterns

Yes, cardboard sheets have also been used for covering glass lanterns and bottles. In the year of 1871, Albert L. Jones from New York patented a single-sided ridged board and started using in the packaging industry.

How cardboard met further prosperities?

The manufacturer of paper bag called Robert by chance conceived and developed the box that was a precut box. This took when he was busy with a metal ruler and paper-printing. As you can see the development of boxes went in a peculiar way.


These two kinds were used for rumpling and wrinkling the bags, and this was the time when he suddenly switched on cutting bags. That was the spur of the moment when he realized that he could also opt for the production of precut paperboard cartons that come with open arms. It was a whole new idea, a great innovative idea that he introduced to the rest of the world. People received and embraced this idea and invention whole-heartedly. After this mega invention, it was the wooden crates that started prevailing all over. These firm wooden boxes somewhat replaced cardboard boxes.

Use of cardboard went beyond imagination

It is interesting what happened to cardboards, and no one could think even in his wildest dreams that an architect named Peter Melbourne from the US would use cardboard boxes to construct a house. Now you would think it is a vain boast, but no it’s not, he walked the talk, and he lived in the house that was completely built by cardboard boxes. This artistic construction took place in the year 2004.