What to Know Before Hiring a Videographer for Your Wedding?

The concept of filming your wedding is not new. When Lady Elizabeth married Prince Albert, the Duke of York (King George VI later on) in 1923, it was the very first royal wedding to be filmed. Things have not changed since then—everyone still loves the idea of having one of the happiest days of their lives captured on film forever.

Video + Photos

According to many happily married couples, they can’t recall many details of their wedding day. This is because all the excitement often makes the events happen in a blur. Having a film of the occasion along with some beautiful photographs can give a couple a better memory of what happened throughout the day. It is also a wonderful memento to show possible future children.

Many couples prioritise hiring a professional wedding videographer for the day because of these reasons.


The Moments Between

It could not have been said better by anyone than one bride who stated that she wanted a wedding video to capture the moments between photographs. All those special little moments that are not posed or when someone says something really funny or sweet.

Hiring a videographer allows you to revisit the minute the magic words that officially bond you as a couple together are pronounced. You can remember the heartfelt atmosphere and every tiny nuance on people’s faces when you film the occasion instead of taking only still photos.

If you are looking for a London based wedding videographer during peak wedding season, it is a good idea to book one well in advance. They can discuss with you what is the best package deal and what style of video might fit your tastes.

Types of Package Deals

These are some of the package deals that you may be offered:

  • 1- to 2-minute teaser film to send to friends and family who couldn’t make the ceremony and reception
  • 3- to 10-minute film of all the highlights
  • 10- to 20-minute short, edited film of the ceremony, reception, and departure
  • 4- to 10-minute same-day edit of the ceremonial preparations that can be shown at the reception
  • 30 to 90-minute full-length documentary in the style of your choice
  • Add-ons such as edited footage of the toasts and speeches; raw, unedited “backstage” footage; drone aerial shots; rehearsal dinner coverage; greetings and best wishes commentary from the guests (always fun after a few cocktails have been served); engagement story and interview.

Your Style

Whatever wedding style you decide on, it is essential to pick a video-graphic style that fits in with it. The most popular style of wedding film currently in 2019 is cinematic. This is a factual and straightforward movie technique that feels like a real movie.

The two branches of the cinematic filming for weddings are modern abstract, where the footage is cut in a less linear fashion, and classic, where the video is filmed in a more expansive way to incorporate different viewpoints.