What to do with your Old Car when Moving Abroad

Moving abroad can be a daunting process that will require you to settle the properties you will be leaving behind. Be it your house, your small business, or even your not-so-valuable properties – they will all matter if you plan to move out for good. But for most people, one of the biggest worries they have is the disposal of their old cars. This decision can be tough to make if your car has sentimental value. It may be old, but it doesn’t imply it’s useless. Leaving it parked in a garage may not be the best decision as the battery may go dead and the parts may deteriorate. This is why you need better options that you can explore before leaving.

There are several ways on how to deal with your car. Below are some options you can do with your old vehicle when moving abroad.

1. Sell It To An Auto Wrecker

Selling your old car should be one of the easiest things you can do when moving abroad. You can list it on an online platform, create ads for it, or attract a potential buyer through the help of your connections. However, selling an old car may be difficult for some since it requires more maintenance to attract potential buyers. As a seller, you would want your vehicle to be in good running condition.

Fortunately, many businesses are ready to buy your old car regardless of its condition. They may buy your automobile to take out its usable parts or fix it for better resale value. If you’re looking for one, visit for more information on how you can sell yours to an auto wrecker.

To add, most of these companies offer free towing services wherever your location is so it’s hassle-free on your end. You also get paid in cash immediately for the best market value.

2. Scrap Your Old Car

If your old car is not in good condition to be driven on the road, an old model, or no longer starts at all, you can always contact an auto wrecker to scrap it and get paid. The usable parts of your car will be sold to other car owners who need replacements for the damaged or worn-out parts of their cars. You can compare different auto wreckers to assess which ones give the best value for your automobile.

You should, however, note that the price value offered will be based on certain factors and conditions. Your car model, manufacturing year, build quality, the current price of its scrap metal, the proximity of your car’s location, and its conditions are factors that affect its value. In most cases, the older the car model, the lesser the demand will be for its part. This implies that your old car will be bought for the scrap value and not the value of its parts.

3. Give Out Your Old Car

This is another efficient means to deal with your old car as you’re moving abroad. You can give it to your relatives, friends, or whomever you think deserves it. Giving it out to someone will help them get from point A to point B. You can also donate it to charity or any organization you believe best needs it. This is only advisable if your old car is still in good running condition to do day-to-day tasks. You can make money by selling your old car but giving it to those who need it feels better and will also ensure a break on tax for you.

Donations are simply tax-deductible. There are several charities out there in need of one or more automobiles to be put into good use. They may use it to assist them in doing charitable causes daily.

4. Take Your Old Car With You

The memories attached to old properties make it difficult and overwhelming for you to leave them behind. If you can’t bear to lose your car, it’s exciting to know that you can take it with you abroad. Nowadays, different companies offer car shipping services. All you need is to find a reputable one to transport your automobile to your new place abroad.

However, taking your automobile with you can be stressful as a lot of paperwork needs to be considered to ensure that it follows legal regulations. If you’re moving to England, Japan, or Australia, keep in mind that you must drive on the left side of the road in these nations. As a result, automobiles’ steering wheels are on the right-hand side.

After a lifetime of driving on the right side of the road, transitioning to a new driving style is difficult. This is something to think about if you’re moving to one of those countries. Shipping an automobile abroad can be quite expensive too depending on the location. It’s not the same if you wanna ship your old vehicle from Canada to the USA compared to over the ocean transport. Using freight shipping is probably the cheapest way to ship car from USA to Canada,  since they share such a long border and the two economies are really well integrated. If you want to ship to Asia or Europe, it will cost significantly more.

5. Trade The Car Parts

You can also trade the functional parts of your old car if you think nobody will be willing to buy it because the parts are worn out and it’s not worth giving out. This is different from selling your old car off to an auto wrecker or junkyard. This requires you to identify the valuable parts and take them out for sale individually.

There’re also online platforms where you can enlist each part for sale at a fair price while the sites take a certain percentage from the sale.

You should, however, note that trading your old car parts individually typically takes a longer time than selling the car as a whole to someone or an auto wrecker. But if you think you have a generous amount of time to do it yourself, you can always do so.


Your old automobile can be quite stressful to deal with when moving abroad. While there’s so much more you can do with your vehicle before you leave, the above options are among the most feasible ones to consider. You can decide to sell it to an auto wrecker, scrap, give it out to an individual or charity, take it with you, or trade its parts on your own. Whichever you may choose, ensure it’s an option befitting you as you don’t want to deal with issues after moving abroad.