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What Makes Plaques Excellent For Rewards and Recognition?

Whenever we were kids and would draw something for our parents, they would display them on the refrigerator so that everyone could see our accomplishments. Fast forward a few decades and you’re still celebrating accomplishments, but this time they’re not hanged on the refrigerator door.

Plaques are the modern-day drawings from the time we were kids. They are used for exactly the same thing, celebrating achievements, but are given to us by other people, usually related to work.

Plaques are best used for rewarding a person for their hard work, which usually results in something positive. You might have won the employee of the month, or have even made an appearance in the local newspaper. Regardless of what the achievement is, a plaque I the best way to commemorate it.

Our home offices or work offices have plain white walls that look boring without plaques. Sure we could hang pictures from friends and family, but wouldn’t it be nice if we could decorate them with our achievements?

In the case of decorating your work office with them, they can be used to show clients or business associates how professional you are. Life is about celebrating the little things, and what better way to preserve them than with plaques.

Another brilliant thing about them is that they are true conversation starters. Sometimes we require an ice breaker to loosen up the tension in the air while in a conversation or interview. So one way to do it is by having the other person something to look at and something to talk about. This can especially come in handy when you find yourself in a work-related scenario. In this case, you can commemorate your company’s achievement and have them displayed in your office. As soon as someone comes in for a business-related visit, he will instantly see them and start a conversation about it.

Different Types of Plaques

There are many different types of plaques, according to We are going to mention what those types are, what materials are they made out, and when can they be awarded.

1. Colored Laminated Award

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Mostly made out of the recycled wood fiber, the Colored Laminated Award is made from wood laminated materials that come in a variety of colors. This plaque might be the most affordable type, but it looks brilliant none the less.

2. Glass Awards

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Glass awards are starting to become more and more popular, and they even come in all shapes and sizes. Since versatility is a big plus to these types of plaques, they can be used for any award ceremony. Made from glass that’s made by a series of engraving and sandblasting methods, these plaques are mostly placed on a small-sized granite base to make sure that the entire award is rigid enough to stand on its own.

3. Certificate Holders

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A very common and one of the most basic types of awards, the certificate holder is dominating the scene since it is the first award ever to be given. Particularly popular with community-based events and seminars, this type of plaque can be accompanied by a stylish holder to emphasize the importance of the award to the person.