What Kind of Jobs Do We Get After CompTIA A+ 220-901 Exam?


CompTIA A+ 220-901 exam is an entry-level competitive exam that can get an only closer to getting hold of CompTIA A+ certification. The certification mainly aims at measuring the abilities of a professional and skilled computer service technician. CompTIA A+ 220-901 exam is designed in such a way that it determines the ability of an individual to get certified by beating the competency in the fields of installation, maintenance, customization, and operation on computer hardware, networks, and software.

CompTIA (Computing Technology Industry Association) certifies the 220-901 exams. The individuals are determined about their skills in various fields with the help of the exam, and these skills are configuration, management, and troubleshooting of network systems. There is a recent up-gradation in the review that relates to networking technologies and all related advancements.

The applicants passing and qualifying the examination receive CompTIA A+ Certification Exam Questions which certifies that they possess the skills of adequately addressing the needs of the recent technological trends throughout the IT infrastructure. There are a lot of scopes for the certified individuals to appear for the other relevant certifications and acquire their desired certifications to give their career an upgrade and a boost.


Job experiences for CompTIA A+ certified individuals

The present path of the career determines the level of upgradation that can be made in the upcoming future for all certified individuals. The scenario might vary from person to person and from organization to organization. In the case of beginners in the IT industry, it is common for them to possess very less experience. Experience is the key to success in the IT infrastructure. Not only are the certified highly paid compared to the non-certified but also offered a higher position within the organizations as the certificate itself instigates a sense of trust in the mind of the recruiters and employers. In case of possessing the certificate, people are assumed to be experienced in the field of operating on the hardware and the software. Less training is required for such individuals throughout their career span, and these people easily tend to grasp all new technological implementations along with the advancements. The materialistic approach where hardware and software installation, configuration, and troubleshooting is known thoroughly, people tend to understand, measure, and formulate effective plans for the betterment of the complete workflow. The job is secure for the certified along with a better paying option. There is no limitation for the certified individuals regarding their prospects as their determination level for the job, and the industry pays off in the long run.


Designations and job roles

Some of the job roles and designation for CompTIA A+ certified are as follows:

  1. Network Support Specialist.
  2. IT Support Administrator.
  3. Technical Support Specialist.
  4. Help Desk Technician.
  5. Field Service Technician.
  6. Network Analyst.
  7. Network Field Technician.
  8. IT Support Technician.
  9. IT Service Desk Analyst.
  10. Network Administrator.
  11. Desktop Support Technician.

According to comptia a+ course, compTIA A+ certification serves to be a gateway towards a bright IT career for most of the aspirants throughout the world. To provide a boost to the career levels, especially for the beginners, CompTIA A+ Certification proves to be one of the positive notations on the resume. These individuals are already certified for possessing the skills that an organization looks forward to and this makes it relatively more comfortable for the competitors to find the right employee for the right job with all the knowledge and skills necessary. The knowledge level and expertise skills of an individual are determined through CompTIA A+ certification. The certified individuals tend to possess quality capabilities of installing, configuring, and troubleshooting computer peripherals and can soon turn into the leading experts for the industry.


Fields of pursuing a job after becoming CompTIA A+ certified

  • Installation and configuration of hardware, software, and network systems.
  • Hardware components.
  • Data and information storage systems.
  • Expansion of hardware.
  • Peripheral devices.
  • Mobile devices and network systems.
  • Networking technology.
  • Troubleshooting of network and hardware.

Career path objectives for CompTIA a+ certified

CompTIA A+ certification is the potential credential that provides a career pathway for the aspirants in under several operational, technical, and support roles within the IT industry. The jobs associated with CompTIA A+ certification have a lot of technical knowledge requirement, individuals must possess high knowledge and skills on technological aspects and their regular advancement change patterns. The individuals must be able to properly troubleshoot technical aspects relating to hardware, software, and network systems. This capability must include a full range of troubleshooting skills in various aspects of issues that can occur in the computing devices within an organization. There is an alignment for different career paths designed with the help of CompTIA A+ certification that pertains to infrastructure and cyber security at the same time. All the levels of the certification track the enriched knowledge that an individual possesses and their capabilities of executing the same with utmost level expertise. The certification, CompTIA A+ is the core level certification that lays a foundational specialization for the certified to advance in their career path within the world of information technology.


Final Word

CompTIA A+ certification and all other relevant certification always play a vital role in determining the career path of an individual in the long run within the IT industry. These certifications along with the determination levels on the certified individual act as the guiding steps towards success for smoothly climbing the corporate ladder. The rapid development of career and boosting the same is seen for the beginners since the very beginning once they possess CompTIA A+ certification.

This certification opens doors for several opportunities for a candidate in the fields of hardware installation coordinator, first line support engineer, desktop support technician, helpdesk technician, IT support technician, and field service technician. The IT certifications give a strong notion to the employers and the recruiters of an organization regarding the strength of their professional staff. The certifications are no more an assumption instead act as confirmations for the capabilities that the individuals possess relating to the IT infrastructure handling and management.