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What is Trademark Registration? Why It Is Necessary?

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A trademark can be a symbol, name, or a device which businessmen use to vary their company’s product from other business product. But before using any logo or symbol as a trademark of your company, you need to register it. Without a trademark registration, your trademark symbol will not be legal. A trademark registration will protect your investment which you had made in the brand or symbol and so it a cognitive property for a business.

So, guys, it was a brief description of trademark registration. I hope you guys have understood what trademark registration exactly is. So, now I will tell you why trademark registration is important.

Why It Is Important to Register Your Trademark?

Well, as I said above, the trademark doesn’t become legal unless it is registered. It means that other businessmen can use your trademark and tagline if it is not registered. So, you can protect your logo and restrict other people from using it through trademark registration. Trademark registration will make your symbol legal and prevent other people from using the same brand because it is illegal to use the same brand name.

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We can take an example of the brand ADIDAS whose tagline is NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE and no one copy the same brand or tagline as their brand’s name because it is a registered trade name. So, you can register a trademark if it varies from the other brands available in the market. Well, if your chosen trademark is delusive, common, and wounding then also your trademark will not get registered.

Below are some reasons for registering a trademark:

  • Through trademark filling, you can get a unique identity for your products which the other businessmen will not be able to use for similar products.
  • Registering your trademark will build trust and goodwill to the customers. It reflects that you care about your products and enhance your image in the market.
  • Your trademark is an intangible asset for your organization which you can sell and give franchise, and even contract commercially.
  • Well, you can register your trademark in some other countries also. If you are an Indian, you can register your brand name in other countries also.
  • You can protect your brand name through registering your logo name so that other companies cannot use them.
  • You can protect your brand name through registering your logo name so that other companies cannot use them. Well, you can also protect your domain name through trademark registering if you are an internet startup.  
  • You will get a different identity for your products if you want to sell them on e-commerce websites like paytm, Amazon, etc.
  • It will also help your customers so that they will not get into the trap of fake brands with similar names.
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Final Verdicts

So, guys, it is all about trademark registration and its importance. I hope this guide was helpful for you guys. So, guys, if you have a startup ready with you, choose a brand name for your products and register them and make it secured. 

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