What is Shungite Stone and its Properties?

What are shungite stones? Nowadays this stone has become widespread because it has a lot of useful properties.

Already in the days of Peter I, they knew well how to use shungite stone, the properties of this mineral made it possible to prepare healing shungite water on its basis. But then it was not yet known what is the use of this black rock, called “slate” stone. At that time shungite crystal meaning turned out that it is an excellent sorbent (absorbs harmful impurities) and a catalyst (accelerates chemical processes). Today the desire to buy shungite from most people is quite conscious.

Shungite is a mineral that looks very much like ordinary coal. The name shungite (the mineral has been wearing it since 1887) comes from the Karelian village of Shunga, where its natural deposits were discovered.

Shungite crystal properties and characteristics

ShungiteLife studies have shown that the secret of the beneficial properties of shungite is hidden in the structure of its molecules. They are filled with other minerals, which determine the quality characteristics of shungite. The main ones are bactericidal and catalytic properties, thanks to which it began to be used for water filtration.

The spheres of use of shungite crystal

This oldest rock on earth comes from liquid lake silt, which for billions of years was compacted and melted in an underground “boiling pot”, and then was pushed to the surface by a glacier. The healing use of shungite is possible due to the presence of so-called fullerenes in it. It is molecular carbon, shaped like hollow balls and found in the atmosphere of carbon stars. It is this “cosmic” element that makes the stone magical and determines all of its healing properties.

Interacting with water, the mineral gives it a martial effect, i.e. converts it into ferrous, nitrogen, hydrocarbonate-sulfate and weakly acidic (pH 6.5). This means, and into a substance that is very useful for the human body. The main value of shungite waters is the high concentration of active iron in them. Now they know very well how to use shungite for healing wounds and burns, for eliminating cosmetic defects. This stone is used in the treatment of diseases:

  • Blood, especially with iron deficiency anemia;
  • The digestive tract;
  • Musculoskeletal system;
  • Heart and blood vessels;
  • Genitourinary system;
  • Respiratory organs, etc.

Whatever useful properties a shungite stone has, who is suitable for this magical mineral and how to use it to fight diseases, doctors should decide. But there are ways to use the mineral that are available to everyone and are not capable of causing harm. Here we will talk about them further.

How to use shungite for healing and strengthening the body

If you want to use shungite (medicinal properties), it is not necessary to use the stone in the composition of medicines – the scope of its application is quite large. You can pay attention to its ability:

  1. Purify water. This breed is widely used not only in household filters, but also in large sewage treatment systems or industrial waste. Poured into the well as a bottom filter, this stone mineralizes drinking water and purifies it from organic matter, metals, and pathogenic microorganisms.
  2. Improve energy. Shungite is widely used by jewelers. Jewelry made from it is not only aesthetic, but also protects from radiation, and restores the energy balance of a person, therefore, they are in great demand.
  3. Shungite is used to make pendants, beads, bracelets and other jewelry, which are worn as talismans.
  4. Have a positive effect on human skin. Dermatologists and cosmetologists create all kinds of pastes, ointments, creams, compositions for bathing and other procedures on the basis of shungite infusions.
  5. Restore shaky health. It has been proven that the use of shungite for magnesia-shungite finishing of hospital wards can reduce the number of conventional therapeutic measures and drugs used to achieve a therapeutic effect, and accelerate recovery.
  6. Shungite purifies and mineralizes water, but more importantly, it purifies the human body and works with its energy.

Shungite in other spheres

Shungite, the use of which is possible both in natural form and as a basis for creating mixtures, has become one of the innovations in the creation of building materials. This natural stone has a rare quality – the ability to shield from electromagnetic radiation. It is very relevant at the moment, since we are all surrounded by working devices and structures.

What is shungite stone for? After the conducted studies, it became obvious that magnesite-shungite compounds in the form of plasters and screeds have a beneficial effect not only on human health, but also have a number of other advantages:

  • does not collect dust;
  • non-flammable;
  • highly resistable.

Based on the above, the answer to the question “what is shungite for?” obvious. Its use in green building and medicine can be called a step into the future.

Magic properties

The exact match for the zodiac signs has not been identified. The stone talisman is most correct to select “for the task” or intuitively if the stone attracts and is very pleasant. Take it in your hand, hold it for a while, think about your task and if you feel comfortable feeling this stone in your hand, then it definitely suits you.

Shungite has no contraindications. Shungite products can also be worn by children, for example, as key rings, by women and men of all ages.

Shungite not only restores health, but also clears the aura, harmonizing energy.

Shungite worn on the body protects the wearer from colds. However, it should be borne in mind: constant body contact with the mineral plate leads to a decrease in kidney activity and a decrease in blood pressure in hypotensive patients.

As a talisman, shungite is needed for people seeking reciprocity in love. Cube-cut, black stone aids commerce.