What is Plotgraphs, why you need to check it out?

Many people hate plotting graphs, and the reason behind it is that it’s a complicated task to do. Even if you are a professional, you are still going to struggle at some stage while making those.

To make plotting graphs easier for students and other people, has provided an online diagram creating a system where you can create an accurate 2D and 3D graph with ease.

Other than the graph creation, you can also get a calculation of function derivatives. Getting a derivative of a function is sometimes harsh, but with the help of this online service, you will love finding derivatives of any fancied function.

Plot Graphs


If you want to create a graph, the only thing you need to do is to put the desired values in the X-low and X-high section given on the page. Put values for both X-low as well as X-high, which represent the Y and X-axis of the diagram and click on the “Submit” button, which will render a graph of the given values. Another thing this service offers to the users is to download the final result in PDF form, which you can further convert in JPG, PNG, or some other format.

Function derivatives has made finding function derivatives easier. You can obtain the derivative of all the basic functions, no matter if you want to get the first or the second derivative.

To gain a derivative of any function, you need to follow a few given steps. Once you open up the website, you may see a small box containing some trigonometric functions.

That little box is present at the front end of the function “f(x).” You only need to put the value of “x” inside it, and you will get the result. The user can pick and add various trigonometric functions from the section given below the “f(x)” box.

After putting all the trigonometric operations and values, click on “f(x)” below the submit option, and you will get the Function derivatives of the provided function.

The site also seems to offer support for 3-dimensional graphs, however, this feature still is very basic. Hopefully, the authors of the site will put some effort into this feature to provide the same quality standard they offer for 2-D problems. Since most math problems we find in daily life are 2-dimensional the 2D graphing calculator is already a great help. In fact its one of the few online tools which allow you to plot multiple graphs into the same reference frame.

Overall, is a comprehensive solution that helps you create a complete graph without much effort. It is free to use service, and you can access it anytime, anywhere, even on any web browser. You can access the tool directly at

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