How to Figure Out What Is the Best Slot for You?

RTP is the first thing you should assess

Many players, especially beginners, do not pay much attention to the RTP parameter in slots. Meanwhile, it plays an important role in understanding the generosity of the chosen game. A video slot with an RTP of 93% returns money in the form of winnings not similar to a title with an RTP of 97%. In fact, in practice, it turns out that a 4% difference is almost like a chasm between the two. If every player learns how to correctly select a video slot by its return rate, everyone will save themselves a lot of hassle.

RTP is essentially a theoretical parameter, according to this online resource. It shows how much of the total bets a player can win in the long run. However, one should not forget about other parameters that can lead to a maximum payout in the game. We will talk about them later. This parameter is determined by the developer himself while creating the name and should be audited by an independent testing laboratory. It is very important to remember this. If you get a non-licensed model, the chances of losing money increase several times. In such games, the operator can interfere with the RNG at any time, which means that the result will be predictable. Another thing is honest software, verified by the relevant organizations. It guarantees that the symbols are randomly drawn on the playing field, which means that the game becomes a proven gamble.

Most providers indicate the yield of the title in the information section of the slot. This is the right move on their part. It allows players to save time by calculating the returns themselves. If you can’t find this figure, you can calculate it yourself. To do so, you need to divide the number of winnings by the number of bets and increase it by 100%. You do not have to do these calculations when playing for money. The demo version can easily handle this task and the money will remain intact.

So, we’ve come to the point where we need to learn how to pick a game with a good return. To do this, consider only titles that return 97% or more. Together with a figure such as volatility, you get the most complete information about the winning abilities of the machine.

Go for slots with at least some modern features

Modern slot machines are often capable of “hooking” with visual effects. But these pale in comparison to the prize features. Beauty is secondary when it comes to winnings. Thanks to advances in technology and the developers’ desire to impress players, slots have gone from being boring to being incredibly addictive. Aside from the fact that the features used to entice you into the story, they have a great deal to do with payouts. Some of them are even capable of leading to recorded maximum winnings.

There is no clear-cut opinion on this matter. Some players think that the standard features like Free Spins, Ways to Win, Lines, and Bonus Wheel are more valuable. Others, on the other hand, are convinced that modern options are designed to bring in larger sums of money. Arguments include Megaways, Cluster Pays, Tumbling reels, Sticky wilds, Infinity Reels, Expanding Wilds, Free Spins Multiplier, Cascading Reels, etc.

All of the features invented in recent years do allow for larger sums to be generated. Megaways games, for example, are renowned for their very large winning potential. At the same time, the mechanics themselves provide for more low stakes than in slots with lines. Models are known to have a betting multiplier of up to x139,200. This is one of the biggest multipliers in the industry. Cascading Reels are another modern feature worthy of close attention. It allows combinations to form as long as new winning combinations are formed on the reel. As you can see, today’s prize features make slots not only financially rewarding but also dynamic.

Prefer games by well-known slot makers

One of the earliest and most obvious signs of quality video slots is the need to choose games from trusted providers. Currently, there are over a hundred developers from around the world working for the enjoyment of users. Some of them require close attention as they produce premium games. These are brands like Microgaming, NetEnt, Yggdrasil, and Play’n Go.

The reason why these companies’ software is popular and reliable is that their games are proven to be fair. In addition, the library of advanced manufacturers is extensive and offers a wide range of mechanics, features, plots and technical parameters. In short, it aims to satisfy the needs of more users. At the same time, smaller companies have a much smaller selection of games and often have disadvantages. The main one is insufficient RTP.

In addition, higher-level developers have a robust RNG in their games. It protects players from unfair results. Young studios, on the other hand, often neglect the need to license their activities and certify their software. As such, players have no assurance that the RNG works independently.

For the sake of fairness, I should point out that you can’t just dismiss RTP games by unpopular studios. A lot of developers create games that are innovative and appealing. And then, even Microgaming was once a small and obscure company. You can, of course, trust small developers, but you should make sure that their software is honest. You can do this on the company’s website itself. You may also trust the information from my site. The work of each studio has been analyzed by me. The result is shown in the articles on my portal.

Choose the right volatility level

Newcomers have been known to make the same mistake. They choose the slot in which they like the plot and mindlessly start playing. Their thoughts are as follows: every slot is an RNG-based game of chance. Every spin can be a winning one, which means that any title in a few spins can lead to a win. It does, but there is another parameter that plays a key role. It is known as volatility.

With the same RTP, wins can be generated more frequently or less frequently. Volatility shows in which direction the actual payout of the machine will deviate. If volatility is high, the gameplay is more likely to require a larger financial and time investment. At the same time, the payout will also be higher. If the volatility is low, the opposite is true. Frequent winnings of insignificant sums and very rare large payouts can hardly be called advantageous. Such titles are more suitable for those who are afraid of losing all their money or just want to have some fun but do not want to invest.

Medium volatility is the best option for relatively frequent and good sums. Because of this, such slots are much rarer than games with volatility variants already described. Along with a high RTP, medium volatility guarantees excellent returns during the game rounds. Everyone wants to win, which means this volatility is suitable for every player.



Only trial and error allowed experienced players to come up with all these rules. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were lost and just as many, if not more, were won before the otherwise effective formula for successful gambling was deduced. Based on the experience of others, these rules will allow you to reduce the risks of losing a large sum to a minimum.

Choosing a slot machine to play with is indeed a difficult task. You shouldn’t approach it superficially. It can end up playing a cruel trick and you’ll lose everything or almost everything. Take care of your money and follow every single point of the rules for selecting a slot for your cash investment. That said, never forget that gambling is not about making money, but about having fun. Large payouts are more of a nice bonus than a must. If you keep this in mind at all times, you will enjoy the process.