What is Bemer Vascular Therapy

Bemer vascular therapy has been around for a few decades, and another treatment related to it, PEMF, has been in use for more than half a century. Yet, these wonderful and safe therapeutic approaches remain relatively poorly understood by many. There are many reasons why this is a fact. However, we believe that the lack of information that the public has about it is probably the most significant one out of all of them.

Fortunately, people now realize the need to explore various therapies that do not use chemical substances for health benefits. It’s because not all the mainstream therapies can help with any case out there. So, finding an alternative is an absolute must. Indeed, pharmacological drugs work pretty well. But their prolonged use is not an option for many. Countless examples can show why this is the case.

That’s why it is significant to pay attention to all the other possibilities for you, like Bemer vascular therapy. Even though it is not talked about enough, we believe that this is one of the methods that can provide crucial help in situations when you need them the most.

Bemer vascular therapy does not involve ingesting any substance or exposing the body to harmful chemicals. It means that it is highly safe. Moreover, decades of research prove that it works. Now we want to provide you, our readers, with a couple of helpful insights that can assist you with having enough information regarding this method.

So, what is Bemer vascular therapy?

For those who do not know, we’re talking about a therapy that is based on the pulsed electromagnetic field. However, it has some unique benefits for vascular health. As we’ve stated, people are usually not informed about this aspect too well. Therefore, they do not have an idea about what are these benefits and what they can expect from them.

It is an abbreviation for Bio-Electro-Magnetic-Energy-Regulation. A unique kind of pulsed electromagnetic pattern was created by J. Klopp, with an immense understanding of both mathematics and biological sciences. We’re talking about the combination that ensures the quality of the method itself. There are many studies out there that can show you just how efficient this combination is.

Quite often, people do not realize that PEMF has innumerable possibilities. Once again, we can say that this is due to the reasons we’ve mentioned above. By altering the magnetic pulse pattern, one can ensure that these electromagnetic waves provide more energy to specific kinds of tissues. The tissue cannot function properly without these. If you crack a book on some medical fields, you will see that human bodies produce these to some percentage. Therefore, an additional amount can provide quite beneficial.

Thus, Bemer is more focused on vascular health, especially on the small blood vessels or microcirculation that makes up for the majority of blood vessels in the human body. Unfortunately, these minute blood vessels and capillaries are also prone to diseases; they might close and become less elastic. We all know just how problematic these blood vessels and arteries can be. That’s why this method can provide the patient with a plethora of advantages. However, not all of them are discovered to this day.

Poor flow in capillaries and other smaller blood vessels may cause many ill health effects like slow healing wounds and trauma and an increased risk of chronic disorders. Some of these problems can cause numerous other problems, and some of them can be quite severe, not to mention, fatal. Additionally, people with poor microcirculation may experience constant fatigue, low energy levels, chronic pains, and poor sleep quality.

As one can see, these conditions are not rare health conditions. In fact, almost every second adult is living with chronic pain of sleep issues, and much more. However, now science knows that stimulating microcirculation may do wonders in these conditions. Moreover, it may also help reverse many difficult to treat chronic diseases. Some studies say that heart-related problems are causing millions of deaths in the world per year.

Bemer therapy improves vasomotion, or activity level of small blood vessels, resulting in considerably improved blood flow. .

Bemer therapy is good because, unlike drug therapy, it can be focused on certain body parts, too. When you think about it, this is a significant advantage because most of the other ones can’t target a specific one. Instead, they are targeting areas. Since this is a situation, we do not believe that explaining this further is necessary.

Now, as science progresses, there is increasing evidence that it works. Imaging studies and microscopic investigations show considerably improved blood flow after a few sessions of Bemer therapy.

Bemer therapy uses low energy electromagnetic waves

Bemer therapy uses magnetic induction of 100–150 μT, which is about thrice of the earth’s magnetic field. But, of course, for any magnetic treatment to work efficiently, it must provide energy to blood vessels. This energy creates a resonance in smaller blood vessels, opening and reactivating them. Reactivating these provides enormous relief to the heart. Plus, it stimulates it to be much more efficient than it was before.

However, this energy is very small, which means that therapy is completely safe for prolonged use. So, you can see that it is not a method that doesn’t cause a lot of energy waste, since it specifies providing only the necessary amount to the blood vessels. In fact, it would only work when used continually for some weeks.

Bemer therapy is good for many health conditions

Bemer vascular therapy is mainly for improving microcirculation. However, its benefits are widespread, as microcirculation plays a vital role in working almost every body organ. Thus, its regular use may help relieve chronic fatigue, reduce body aches, and significantly improve sleep quality. All of these factors are essential for proper body function. Therefore, it is a good chance that the whole body will start functioning properly after a couple of sessions.

What is good about Bemer therapy is that it works regardless of the underlying disease. It means that a person does not need to worry about chronic ailments. It is good even if someone is living with diabetes, heart disease, or has some functional disorders like fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome. It is excellent for improving wound healing. It also has a role in managing sleep disorders.

To conclude, Bemer vascular therapy is a safe way of boosting microcirculation with wide-ranging beneficial health effects. It is especially suitable for managing functional disorders that are challenging to treat with drug therapy. Treating some of these with drugs can be quite problematic since some of these tend to provide a benefit to a certain aspect, but they can cause harm to another. That’s why it is significant to avoid them as much as possible.

If you are living with chronic ailments, body aches, fatigue, sleep issues, poorly healing wounds, Bemer therapy may be for you. We’re talking about a therapy that is not as popular at the moment, but we do not doubt that it has a bright future. For more information, visit Healthyline Outlet.