What Is a Financial Planner?

Many people want to know about advisers when they’re financially independent. A financial adviser is a professional to aid you in your decisions about your finances. However, sometimes you need to research to understand how getting financial advice might be convenient for you.

Here, you can see how an Australian advisor can have an ongoing relationship with you and guide you to make the best financial choices.

What Is the Difference Between a Financial Planner and a Financial Adviser?

Financial planners and financial advisers are not the same. Although some people might think they have the same responsibilities, they take care of different things.

Whereas advisers take a narrow view and mostly focus on investments, planners usually offer a long-term relationship because they want a more holistic approach. Therefore, a financial adviser often has a narrower perspective on a problem and can help you with specific solutions to that, without worrying about your performance in other areas.

Whether you need financial planning or other types of financial services, you have to make sure that you get the right professional. Therefore, knowing their duties is essential if you want to find the perfect person to help you.

If you hire a financial advisor, they can help you manage your investments, guide you through marketing decisions, and offer specific solutions. Hiring planners, on the other hand, allows you to work with them with a more personalized approach. They gather specific personal information and help you come up with the best plans possible.

An adviser can help you just as a planner can. Nonetheless, you need to know the specific type of financial advice you need. When you search for an expert, you have to be sure about the assistance you require, especially if you want someone from Geelong since there are many options.

Does a Planner Offer Financial Advice?

Most people have financial goals. Regardless of their interests, they want to ensure that they pay their debts and do everything they want with their money. However, not everyone has experience investing or making good marketing decisions.

That’s where the expert comes in. They help you make the best choices regarding money and offer comprehensive advice about a specific financial situation – with their license, they’re prepared to help you with precise financial advice that aids you in achieving what you want.

In many cases, people need help with their finances. They want an expert to guide them with life plans so they achieve their goals, resolve money-related issues, and make better choices in the future.

If you find the right financial assistance, the professional can provide advice and help you achieve everything you want. They have your best interests at heart, and they’re prepared to give you the advice you need depending on what you wish for your future.

How Much Does Financial Planning Cost?

Clients often wonder about the fees of financial services. However, the adviser’s costs depend on many factors.

For example, the services you ask for might have a specific price. If you need help with investment, that could be different from getting estate planning or a specific personal financial plan.

Although most helpers in Australia charge depending on the project, many of them charge $150 – $300 per hour. Even so, if you want to know all the details, you need to ask the expert for a services guide that includes complete information about their offers.

Is a Planner Worth It?

Getting financial advice is completely different from personal advice. An expert adviser is often one of the members of the Financial Planning Association of Australia, has a license, and can help you with specific goals for a fee.

Although you have to go through a process to find the correct expert, you can gain a lot from hiring someone to give you advice. It’s a particularly intelligent choice if you need assistance with your life insurance, super fund, business, superannuation, FPA, retirement process, risk assessment, or any other similar product.

Therefore, if you want to become a successful, independent adult that makes the best financial choices getting expert advice is the best thing you could do.

How to know which adviser to trust?

The key to knowing which adviser to trust is that your advisor has a licence. That is, they have a unique Australian Financial Services (AFS) licence. You can verify this on their website at If your advisor is listed here, you can trust their industry credentials.

Another key to trusting an advisor is that they fully explain the strategy to you. Like going to a doctor, you need to understand that is proposed. Ask questions until it makes sense to you. The easier you understand the proposed strategy, the easier it will be for you to trust your advisor.

Lastly, maintain control of your assets at all times. Make sure that your assets remain in your pocket/account. They should not be transferred to your advisor’s share accounts. Keeping your own accounts encourages accountability. If you have an online account, you can login and check your asset growth at any time.

Final Thoughts

Looking for a Financial Advisor is a process because you need to consider different factors. You have to think about what you want them for: do you need help with an investment decisions, retirement process, finance management, insurance, planning strategies, or tax-related things?

Once you decide how they can help you manage your assets, your duty as a client is to ask for the specific fee they charge. Then, you need to choose if you want an ongoing service or if you just need help with a one-time project.

The financial adviser must ensure they have a license to provide you with the best services, and then you can conclude your search. Even though it sounds like a lengthy process, getting expert advice is a great choice. You get a clearer plan with better long-term results.