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What Does SEO Stand For And How Long Does It Take?


Take a look around and you will find search engine results displaying website URLs and influencing the decisions of end-users, irrespective of the business. Thanks to search engine optimization services, your business can rank higher in Google and get more clients without spending constantly on advertising.

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What Does SEO Stand For – An Idea

You probably want to know – what does SEO stand for along with the potential it creates for a business. Here is your answer SEO or search engine optimization is a set of rules to optimize your website for the search engines by making it user-friendly, faster and easily navigable. According to, 96% of internet users use Google to search their queries.

Indicators of Successful SEO

  • Improved search engine rankings
  • Huge search traffic
  • Profit

Main Elements of SEO services

Your business’ success depends a lot on effective SEO services that can make or break your business.

What does SEO stand for in business?

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Emphasizing on marketing techniques is a good idea, but implementing the SEO strategies is equally important. Here’s how.

To stand out among your competitors and be visible to audiences, check out these elements.

Content – Effective SEO strategies stand on the bedrock of good content. While it provides the visitors with the information they are looking for, it also educates them on a subject and help them to come out of a problem. Try posting blogs, videos, infographics, podcasts, social media posts, whitepapers and e-books. Also, an attractively written content is a tool for social sharing.

Keywords – Carefully chosen and properly-researched keywords add charm to your content. Optimize your URLs, titles and other on-page elements with keywords and see the difference. Make sure that the keywords have low competition and high search rates. For better optimization, opt for local keywords (website development company in Phoenix), long-tail keywords (best website development company) and short-tail keywords (website development).

Local SEO – These days, searches are becoming localized. If you are a restaurant owner, local SEO can fetch you traffic from people in your area who are looking for the best restaurant in town. Besides local keywords,  location-specific page creation, claiming directory listings and creating pages for business on Google Maps are some of the other techniques.

Off-Page SEO – Optimize your site away from it. Take help from backlink building as quality backlinks from external sites (guest blogs and infographics) to your site indicates your site’s high-quality and builds its authority on the search engines.


What are the types of SEO?

The various types of SEO are:

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  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Technical SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Content SEO
  • E-commerce SEO
  • Mobile SEO

Why should you opt for off-page SEO?

The answer is simple, for ranking on search engine ranking pages. Users type a search query and search engine algorithms check their index to find the most suitable pages satisfying the user’s intent. If the incoming links come from a reliable website, they can have a positive impact on the ranking.

What is Crawling?

As you type queries, search engines filtrate web pages for indexing and in the process, web crawlers look for appropriate hyperlinks, keywords, and content. They fetch information to the web servers for the purpose of indexing.

Question What is indexing?

Google crawls to collect relevant pages as per the user’s search query. Once crawling is completed, Google creates an index with specific search terms, words, and their locations. The results you see appear only after Google looks up the index and displays the suitable pages.

How Long Does SEO Take to Show Results?

Once you begin improving your website’s SEO, it is not long before the question comes into being- How Long Does SEO Take to bring you profits.

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Factors Affecting the Time for SEO to Start Showing Results

Before you try to find out the SEO timeline for your project, you must be aware of the various factors that determine the time taken for each website.

Domain history

Ask the SEO expert if the domain is new if it was penalized and if was used in a different geographical location. A previous penalty or use in a different location may raise doubts about your site authority. However, this is only a minor hurdle and proper SEO efforts might as well address it successfully.

Age of website

This is quite a good thing if your website is functioning consistently for a long time. Affirmative SEO changes start taking place sooner than on a new website.

Meta Data

Here you go, one of the most important determinants for speedy SEO results. Meta data on each web page affects the SEO performance of your website. For instance, search engines use H1 and H2 tags on headings to get an insight into the main topic and then list the page in suitable searches. Strong SEO titles and meta descriptions create interest and serve as a call-to-action to encourage searchers to click through to your site.

Past SEO efforts

Domain moves, site upgrades, budget or CMS updates – your previous SEO efforts were probably influenced by one or more of these factors. In the event that your budget was too limited to allow you over a month’s activity, your current efforts may give slower results. On the contrary, a company, which had generously invested in SEO in the past will see quicker results.

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Are you the only company trying to snatch the limelight? The answer is a big ‘no’. Several other organizations are eyeing the top spot on the search engine result pages. Hence, it will not be a mistake to think that your competitors are working on their SEO. Check if someone is already dominating the market and if the rival is a big hitter. You must also try to take a look at whether your budget compares with that of your competitors’.

Geographic location

Your strong presence on Google My Business determines your success in local searches. As a business owner, it is normal to wonder how soon you will start seeing conversions. Whether your domain has always been associated with your current location or whether you have moved recently is also important to know.

Size of the website

Your website’s size can affect the SEO strategy, planning and finally, the result. Do you wish to post a blog once every month or just update the service page? In that case, the results will take more time than for a company with over a hundred blog pages.


You are selling kids’ clothes and expecting to become visible to searchers quickly. You are on the wrong page if you think that you can compete with a handful of unique businesses offering rare products or services. The more commonplace your product or service, the longer the time taken to show results.


Avoid creating pages with few words of no value. Also, if Google finds out that you are trying to evade responsibility by posting plagiarised content, you may bid adieu to quick results. On the other hand, posting highly informative and authentic content will fetch you laurels from Google in the form of quick SEO results.

Web design

Replete your website with elements, such as quick page load speeds, clear navigation, simple and informative text, compelling calls to action and great images to make it a high authority one. This enables a high user experience and a happy search engine.

FAQ About SEO Timeline

How can you see faster SEO results?

  • Use an influencer marketing strategy
  • Target the correct keywords
  • Create the perfect user experience
  • Do not ignore the importance of outbound and internal links

How can influencer marketing help to fetch faster results?

Ans: Influencer marketing leverages the popularity of social media influencers and bloggers to transfer their power to you. How? You may contact an influencer, who recommend styles and products or services to their blog subscribers and simply give him a free product. Once he uses it, he will promote your product on his blog and send a link back to your website.

Look For An SEO Company that Gives you Fast Conversions

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Primefunnel is a digital marketing company offering SEO services to small businesses so that they can succeed in gaining online visibility.

How to look for a reliable SEO company?

Ans: A reliable SEO company will try to provide you with the best services suiting your business needs. You may look for SEO companies on the Internet, talk to other businesses, who have opted for SEO services and then have a word with the service providers regarding the services in detail and the quote.

How can SEO benefit your website?

Ans: When you think about why you need SEO, think about its advantages. You don’t have to pay for the ads in SEO, you can target high-quality traffic, your business gets better PR and more clicks than PPC.

How does a search engine optimization company improve your business?

Benefits of SEO are many and with assistance from a search engine optimization company, you can have more traffic and more customers, build awareness for your brand, reach out to your target audiences, enjoy higher conversion and get an edge over your competitors.

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