What Are The Best Photo Booths Out There


Isn’t it weird that in the world of high-tech revolution we are living in photo booths are still alive? Although there are tons of high-resolution cameras, and smartphones that you can easily take all kinds of photos with people still love and go for photo booths. But, that is absolutely justified.

First of all, engaging in a photo booth session is one of a kind of social experience. All those people pulled together on a seat or in one place, making funny faces and having fun – that is what photo booth brings you. Along with that, it allows you to have instant photos instead of taking your USB or phone to a shop where the photos will be made. A photo booth is here for almost a century, for the old generations it brings back a lot of memories, and they are certainly really glad to see that these are still on the market.

I mean, what can outpower photo booths that are eligible for any type of event – from weddings and birthday parties to a corporate meeting or usual social gatherings. And renting a photo booth is pretty cost-effective as well. Now, exactly because of how fun and popular is a photo booth, there are a lot of upcoming businesses renting one. So if you think you could manage a photo booth business, it isn’t hard to start one. It is profitable and engaging. Let’s take a look at the benefits of starting a photo booth business and what photo booths should you buy!

The Benefits Of A Photo Booth Business

First of all, instead of working a 9-5 hour job you get an option to switch places, meet new people and be constantly on the road. And believe us you can have a lot of fun time watching those people goofing out and getting good photos out of it.

Also, it is pretty profitable as your only investment is buying photo booths and marketing. There are multiple photo booth financing options that have more than excellent repayment schedules.

By creating promotions such as 1+1 rent hours, you will be gathering a lot of interest and popularity very soon, and be on the road to joy and victory!

What Are The Best Photo Booths

There are various photo booths for sale from old-school ones to the high-tech digital machines. Let’s take a look at some of the best:

  1. SOL LED (T12 LED). This one comes in black and white color and is excellent for both day and night photo shoots. The camera landscape can be adjusted to the landscape and portrait mode, it can be controlled by the phone, and the head can tilt up to 360 degrees. It comes in different packages depending on your needs. From the basic package if you are a startup that comes at around $7000, to the glow package that will certainly make you stand out from your competition including everything you as a pro would possibly need!


  1. XIA R LED (T20R LED). One of the better photo booths out there is this multi-colored LED one. Being easily portable yet packing a nice 5-inch screen, it works beautifully and is really nice to look at as well. With the black elegant aluminum look, it is pretty easy to assemble – just 5 pieces puzzle. Same as the previous one it comes in different packages from basic to glow, and the camera it includes is an excellent Canon EOS Rebel T6. A great choice for starting your business!
  1. Foldable Mirror Photo Booth. This PMB-400 can fold to only 7 inches and in a matter of minutes turn into a 55-inch photo booth, and that is something to admire. This allows for transport, and assembly as well. It is elegant with the aluminum outer shell and has a LED screen that can be detached. The premium package that it is offered in is amazing. At a reasonable price you get – the shell, LED frame, monitor, software, IR touch, Canon EOS Rebel T6, keyboard remote, and much much more. An excellent one of a kind picks for any commercial use!


  1. Oval Mirror Photo Booth. This one similar to the previous can easily be detached to four pieces, and later assembled in a matter of minutes. It stands at 6ft and is beautiful to look at. It includes white LED lights, tempered glass, touch technology and it can be controlled via phone. Being a 2 person setup, it is excellent to rent for couples. It comes in three packages – from DIY package, and Starter Package, to the Premium Package. Depending on what are your needs, go for it!
  1. Apollo 3.0. This one, incorporating the modern design and old-school quality is excellent for any photo booth business. This sure is one of the best photo booths for sale out there, being pretty easy to assemble in just over 3 minutes. It includes double-tempered glass, adjustable camera to landscape and portrait, large studio surface area as well as a 22-inch monitor. Overall, a good choice no matters if you are just starting or have been in the business for some time.


As you can see, photo booths are going to stay for quite a while although it has been around a century since the invention. Why wouldn’t you have some fun, buy a photo booth and start your own business? It is that simple and worth it!