What a Potential Employee is Looking for from Employers

Businesses looking to attract the best talent aren’t competing solely on how generous a salary they’re willing to offer. Employees today expect a range of fringe benefits that go beyond cold, hard, cash, and some of them are quite difficult to quantify. So what should a modern business offer in order to attract quality employees?

Flexible Hours

While most jobs will require that employees be present at given times, taking an overly rigid approach to attendance might come across as petty, or even irritating. Having to constantly monitor the time might provide an unwelcome source of stress, and demonstrate a lack of trust. Flexible working hours can also help employees when trying to do simple life things, like booking a doctors appointment or trying to MOT or car service, thankfully some companies like Allied Autocare have services where they can come to your workplace to carry out a service, this means employees don’t have to magically find appointments at the weekend or after 5, which we all know are very rare.

Working from Home

Another way to demonstrate trust in your employees is to allow them to work from home. This is a sought-after luxury that’s particularly popular with employees with home commitments. But there’s another reason to favour it: it’ll reduce the amount of time and energy required to transport your workers to and from their place of work, and it’ll thereby slash your carbon emissions. It can also help your employees to feel valued and trusted, therefore it’s more likely they will go above and beyond for the job requirements. It can also help for people with children, childcare can sometimes call through leaving people panicking about what to do, having the option to work for home can alleviate some of that unnecessary stress.

Holiday Time

When workers are forced to work without a break for long stretches, their productivity takes a dive. This is just as true over weeks and months as it is over the hours of a working day. Set aside a generous allotment of holiday time over and above the statutory minimum. It can be a massive selling point when potential employees are looking at your organisation. Having an easy process for requesting holiday is also important, don’t make your employees jump through hops to book simple time off.

Sick Leave

By the same token, paid sick leave will reassure staff that you value their wellbeing, and make them that much more invested in the long-term prosperity of the company. Workers with disabilities might be catered for by converting your premises to make it accessible, and providing specialist transport. Taking the time to ensure everyone feels welcome and has the same opportunities can set you apart from other companies that haven’t done that.


More than ever before, workers and customers are looking for the values of the companies they use to align with their own. That might mean taking a stance on the political issues of the day, or it might mean branding your products to coincide with some cause or other. In some cases, this sort of thing can come across as cynical, so make sure that your values don’t change with the weather. Making sure the company takes part in charity events can also be very important to many people, especially local charities that could have helped people or their families in the past.

Having a good work-life balance is also vital for employees, along with chances for employees to mingle and spend time together bonding can help the organisation to run smoothly. Organising social events for employees to attend and meet people other than who they would directly work with helps people to integrate themselves, especially if they’re on the shy side. Read more on


When employees search for new jobs, they aren’t just looking for a position to occupy for the next few years – they’re looking for somewhere that can form part of a career. If there are obvious opportunities for advancement in your workplace, it’ll be that much more attractive to those who are looking for a long-term commitment – which is precisely the sort of worker you should be looking to bring in. Paid for training and courses can make a world of difference, so make sure it’s on offer. Listening to what employees want and actioning reasonable changes is also vital. As a manager you can sometimes end up out of the loop, it’s taking advice from people who do the day to day work that can help keep your company thriving, this is also something that will affect the overall morale of staff and will be reflected by the moral of employees.

All in all there are lots of things you can do to encourage new employees, things which in the long run can really encourage people to want to work for you and once they do, put their all into their job for you.