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Vince Carter Net Worth 2021 -Early life and NBA career

Vince Carter became popular because of his successful career as a professional basketball player. He plays at two positions, as a small forward and as a shooting guard. If you would like to learn more about Vince Carter and his net worth keep reading the text below.


His full name is Vince Lamar Carter and he was born in Daytona Beach, in the state of Florida on 26 of January, year 1977. His parent are Vince Carter Sr. and Michelle Carter. He was a big fan of basketball since he was a little kid.

Img Source: reports that he attended and graduated from Mainland High Schoo in his home town of Daytona Beach. When he was still very young he got the McDonald’s All-American award. After high school, he moved on to continue his education at the University of South Carolina. While studying there he reached the Final Four of the NCAA tournament twice.

When it comes to his love life he is known to have dated a large number of women. He was married to Ellen Rucker who has a career as a chiropractor, but they got a divorce after two years of marriage. They have one daughter together. There have been rumors that he has had a thing with Sheneka Adams.

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If reports are to be trusted, Vince Carter is currently single. He is known to be a very good person that enjoys participating in charity events very often. He paid a visit to the Duquesne University Basketball team after the horrible shooting incident that happened in Pittsburgh. He is a person full of emotion and is famous for his way of celebrating dunks – called the ‘Crank It Up’ celebration.


After he graduated from college, the first professional team he played for were the Toronto Raptors, a team that is a part of the NBA. He stayed with them for the next 6 years. When the Raptors game started getting worse he wanted to go to another team but management didn’t let him. That forced him to start playing bad and then they traded him to the different team – the New Jersey Nets.

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He stayed with them for the next 4 years and during that time he played some of his best games. He made a name for himself and became one of the most popular NBA players. His next team was Orlando Magic, he only plaed for them for one season but made a huge impact on their team. After that, he moved on to the Phoenix Suns and after that, he became a free agent and went to the Dallas Mavericks, he spent the next three years playing for them and after that three years playing for the Memphis Grizzlies. In 2017 he joined the Sacramento Kings.

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Vince Carter is considered to be one of the most talented basketball players of his time. He has achieved great things during his long basketball career. He has been chosen for the All-Star NBA team 8 different times. Other awards that he has won are NBA Rookie of the Year and he was also named the Slam Dunk Champion. But aside from all of this, his greatest accomplishment is winning the Olympic gold medal for the USA.

Vince Carter’s Net Worth

His net worth is estimated at about $65 million. If we look at all of his achievements this number is not very surprising. He makes about $16 million a year and another $5 million in brand deals. His main way of earning money is playing basketball.