Top 10 Video Editing Applications for Vlogging

Video vlogs are becoming increasingly popular on the Internet, allowing users to share valuable information and find solutions to problems. If you are an expert in a highly specialized subject and are not frightened by public speaking, you should give this fast-rising trend a go.

Innovative video editors are required to stand out from the crowd and create compelling blogs. There are various free and paid solutions on the market nowadays, and you must choose one based on your specific goals and level of technical expertise. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 video editors that might be worth your time in 2024.

1. OpenShot

Best for: vloggers who need powerful video editing functionalities

The OpenShot application is a productivity leader in video editing. You may add 3D animation, slow motion, and animation effects to your video using this program. The tool allows you to process sound in high quality, add and remove audio tracks, and overlay sound, in addition to manipulating the visual component. The application is compatible with both Linux and Windows platforms.

2. VideoPad


Best for: vloggers who appreciate intuitive design and the ease of usage

VideoPad video editing software is regarded as one of the most user-friendly and cost-effective. Many handy utilities for your vlog may be found among its video editing capabilities to assist you in building a good video. With VideoPad, you can make use of intriguing video transitions and a large library of sound effects to instantly add excitement and creativity to your videos.

3. Movavi


Best for: beginners in vlogging

Movavi Video Suite is one of the most popular video production programs among vloggers. Its intuitive design and capabilities for working with various sorts of videos will assist a beginner in processing video material quickly and efficiently. This service allows you to record your screen, convert files to different formats, and enhance the videos with modern tools.


Best for: vloggers on a budget who need free but quality tools

VSDC is the most popular free application for processing and video editing. This video editor is easy to use, comprehend, and most importantly, inexpensive! Free tools and a fast optimization speed will make processing your video and uploading it to your vlog website a breeze. The good news is that features like video transitions, animations, and chroma key are all available for free.

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5. iMovie

Best for: vloggers who use Apple products

If you are an avid user of Apple products, you will enjoy iMovie, which is available on all iOS devices. This editor gives you a lot of freedom when it comes to video editing and processing. Like other of this brand’s products, it has an easy-to-use interface. You won’t have to put in a lot of effort to learn how to use this tool, and you’ll be able to start making successful videos right away. Transitions, sound overlays, and titles are all possible. Once your video is complete, publish it immediately to YouTube and watch it rise in popularity.

6. Shotcut

Best for: vloggers who need multi-platform solutions

The Shotcut video editor is one of the most popular applications across all platforms. Its popularity stems from the fact that it is open-source and free to use. Bloggers who film and edit videos with a variety of devices and production software are particularly fond of the tool.

7. Vegas Pro

Best for: professional vloggers who know how to utilize advanced features

If you value high quality and know how to use basic editing techniques, then Vegas Pro is your choice. This application is very popular among professional online video makers. This application is paid, but for its price, it provides amazing opportunities for creating a successful video. The program supports multitasking, thus, you can simultaneously edit on multiple devices or monitors.

8. Corel Video Studio


Best for: YouTube vloggers

For YouTube bloggers, Corel Video Studio is the most preferred option. Color correction settings, animation of movement in the frame, and transitions can all be used. The program is compatible with a range of devices, is simple to use, and has a number of advanced video editing features.

9. AVS Video Editor: The Best Editing Software for Windows

Best for: vloggers who use Windows products

If you are a fan of Windows Corporation and value quality and reliability, then we advise you to opt for the AVS Video Editor application. This software has been helping video editing professionals and amateurs alike in the world of vlogging for many years. The program allows you to edit different types of videos, overlay sound, create high-quality transitions and upload different formats to available platforms.

10. Appy Pie


Best for: vloggers who need an online video editor

Bloggers and video editors love the Appy Pie program because it lets you publish videos on the site and edit them without having to install them on your PC. This option is appropriate for bloggers who do not have access to a computer capable of processing high-quality video. This video editor is the ideal option if you want to create a high-quality video for a low price.

Choose the Editor that Suits your Requirements and Conquer the Industry!

As you can see, there is a wide choice of services available in the modern video editing software market. Decide on your vlog’s direction and theme, as well as your capabilities and preferences.

Make careful to examine your needs and goals before deciding on a solution, and then choose software based on that knowledge. We hope that our list of the most popular programs may be useful to you as you pursue your artistic goals.