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vCard to Outlook: How To Transfer It Easily?

People use vCard format to transmit contact info in a standardized form. For example, on the phone or in the mail agent. The vCard (or calling card) is encrypted in a VCF format. This is an online standard for exchanging business cards. If you send an email with a .vcf file attachment it is sent along with the message. MS Outlook understands vCard and can easily add them.

Why use vCard to Outlook Transfer software?

Before transferring data from a vCard file to Outlook on a PC with OS Windows, you change the format from VCF to CSV. It means that you import them into Windows and export them to a CSV format afterward. Having more than 50 people in your contact-book, this process will take time, since you will have to press the “OK” button for every contact that you wish to transfer into the CSV format. Unfortunately, it is impossible to click the “OK” button once and at the same time import all contacts. Therefore, many people are looking for the software, which could do it quickly by one click. For example, the vCard to Outlook Transfer tool will easily cope with this task, saving your time for more important things. Follow and import vCard to Outlook without any problems.

What will you get with vCard to Outlook Transfer?

A user-friendly and quick tool will easily transform into Outlook PST file necessary vCard contacts. Find the *.vcf files in the folder, and the program does the rest. The tool deals with a huge amount of information in a short time. It is fast, automatic and effortless. Download the trial version to ensure that the tool works in a proper way. Decide on your needs in order to choose the necessary license for you. There are 4 options available: Home, Business, Site and Technical Licenses.

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vCard to Outlook Transfer features:

  • Simple user-friendly interface;
  • A quick and simple transformation of vCard contact files;
  • Transmitting files into Outlook profile;
  • 100% compatibility with all popular additions of MS Outlook for Windows;
  • Fully compliant with all major Windows and its versions, including 64-bit ones.

Could I import vCard files by myself?

You can probably do it. Most people use helping tools in order to cope with a huge amount of data. To transmit several vfc files to Outlook you can follow the simple instructions below:

To save vCard files received in attachments to emails, put them one by one to the contact list of MS Outlook.

  1. Select a business card in the message body, and add it to the MS Outlook Contacts with one click.
  2. A new window will appear displaying contact information.
  3. Click Save and close in the contact window.
  4. Every vCard file in the message has to pass the same procedure.

If you have no time to do routine work – trust us. Save your time with reliable software.

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