9 Various Uses Of Rubber Bumpers

Although rubber has a wide application and there is no branch of industry where it is not used – the rubber is also of great importance in the production of various types of bumpers. We are probably not even aware of how many times these bumpers have helped us, but also saved pieces of furniture such as glass on the door or shelf. They are a practical tool that has a large and wide application in all segments of life – from household to external use.

Why Are Rubber Bumpers So Necessary?

The purpose and benefit of rubber bumpers in the house are great. The bumper in the household has a more significant role than we think – it serves to help us not to scratch, break, or damage things, but also to prevent some unforeseen injuries when children play, slam doors, etc. Although we don’t often think about these little things – the use of rubber bumpers is one of those things that can extend the life of some household items or prevent damage to the flooring, etc.

Rubber Bumpers As A Useful Means

In these areas, rubber bumpers have a multifunctional role and their use is of great importance. Rubber bumpers in traffic are used in various sizes and for various, mostly safety purposes – where they can sometimes even save the lives of drivers. These bumpers are usually placed in areas where drivers have to follow the rules of parking, or in front of schools, pay tolls, etc. In the automotive industry, bumpers are used in several shapes and sizes – and their purpose is to absorb shocks, reduce damage to car parts, separate space between engines and cables. Almost every car part has its rubber bumper that has a special purpose, so you can read more here, and find out why are they so significant. The only thing without a bumper is the steering wheel – everything else from the door, over the seats, bodywork, gearboxes, etc. – all parts have some kind of rubber protection against damage and shock absorption.

Rubber Bumpers In Traffic – Versatile Use

Although we have listed some of the examples where bumpers can be used – we will now go into more detail. We will give you several different examples for various branches of industry where rubber bumpers have their useful purpose – and where their need is necessary. We will start from the traffic industry, where rubber bumpers are used for many different purposes.

1. Rubber stoppers and curbs

They serve to separate the areas intended for vehicles and pedestrians to avoid conflicts between them, allow to prevent parking of cars on green areas, sidewalks, as well as to limit parking space or space for storing containers.

2. Cable rubber tube bumper

Its purpose is to protect cables and pipes of different diameters. At the same time, it enables unhindered and safe passage of vehicles and pedestrians. The surface is embossed against slipping. The strips, which are distributed over most of the surface of the bumpers, increase their visibility on the road in daytime conditions – and in night conditions, glass beads embedded in the strip give a special reflection, as well as in conditions of reduced visibility.

3. Traffic routers

A traffic router (protective bumper) is a product that has a dual function. Made of such material to cushion the impact, and filling with water or sand can greatly absorb the impact. Its other function is to direct traffic through reflective fields. That is why it is most often used to highlight road routes on highways, dividing concrete islands, toll ramp channels, etc. Bumpers can be produced in different dimensions according to the location where they will be placed and in the required color – usually orange or green.

Rubber Bumpers In The Household

In the household, rubber bumpers are used so often, that sometimes we are not even aware of how much they are needed. They have become a part of our everyday life and without them, the household could hardly function. Here are some of the ways we use them.

4. Door bumper

A useful thing that is used so as not to damage the wall by opening the door a little harder than it should. It also protects the door itself so they would not be damaged.

5. Table edge protection bumper

It is used for safety from injuries and damage to the table, especially if it is made of glass. We can also find other types of rubber bumpers that have similar purposes in households. For example, rubber bumpers for chairs – make sure that the chair does not slip and does not damage the floor.

6. Protective rubber bumper for walls

Protective bumpers are the best solution to protect walls from wear, scratches, and dirt. It is especially recommended for walls that need to be protected from chairs, tables, etc.

Wear wall protection is used in all places in construction buildings where protection of walls from wear and dirt is necessary. They are easily placed on wall surfaces. They are especially recommended in places such as restaurants, waiting rooms, and other places where we damage the wall surfaces with chairs. It perfectly protects the walls from accidental scratches or dirt. Wear wall protection is especially recommended for walls in rooms with increased frequency of people or in places where there are chairs and tables.

Auto Industry

7. Cars

The rubber profile for cars is usually reinforced with steel wire and serves to seal the car door. This subgroup includes all rubber profiles found on the car such as tire windshield, rear window, trunk, windshield wiper, and more.

8. Buses

Rubber bumpers for buses are various types of rubber profiles that are used to seal doors, glass, box buses, and similar positions. Rubber bumper-profile is widely used on buses as protection against shocks and damage.

9. Trucks

Rubber bumpers for trucks include a wide range of rubber profiles that are used for all types of trucks. Numerous rubber profiles are used to seal doors, fenders, trailers, engine hoods, fixing glass, refrigerator doors, and many other items. All rubber profiles and models differ, depending on the manufacturer and type of vehicle.

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