Valorant: Features of the Economy and Credit Usage

Play and investigate a few procurement strategies. You will also receive answers to all issues. At the starting of each game, there is a purchase time, where you can buy different items with in-game credits. They can be gotten during previous game rounds.

Buy armor

In Valorant, as in other games, you need to buy weapons, armor, as well as abilities for agents. And even though guns and abilities are essential elements, they are only useful when you are alive. And here you will not do without armor in any way. Sometimes spending on protection may seem redundant because credits are scarce, but buying them is the best solution. Without armor, 100 health points will disappear very quickly.

Armor in Valorant is divided into two types – light and heavy. The difference between them is how much defense they have. Light type of armor provides 25 units and heavy – 50 units. The price of them is respectively – 400 creds for easy and 1000 credits for heavy. They take up to 70% of the damage and are more likely to be additional health than armor.

Do not spend credits thoughtlessly

In Valorant, you should not spend all your money thoughtlessly after the first round. It is worthwhile to approach this wisely and adapt to the team’s strategy. You also always need to leave money for armor and skills. Detailed info about skills you can find at

You should not buy weapons after each round, since if you have not died, then all your weapons will remain, you need to replenish the armor at maximum. Also, if you have a lot of money and want to help teammates, there is a unique feature in the game that lets them know about it.

You can earn creds in several ways:

  • The killings;
  • After the round;
  • Conservation;
  • Win multiple rounds in a raw;

All the ways give different amounts of creds

Share creds with the team and ask them for help.

Team victory at Valorant is mostly reached by cooperation between the team starting at the very beginning before the game rounds start. In the game store, you can choose types of abilities, armor, and weapons. But you may not always have enough creds for it. In this case, on the same menu, you have the opportunity to ask for a weapon – when you press the button, your team will see what you need to buy and will be able to help you by paying for it.

A character needs to notice such requests because after you survive during several rounds where you were able to do your best or made many kills, you will own several thousand extra creds in your account that are better be used to help the allies.

Think before spend

The abilities of your character depend on what you buy, so it’s often better to play a few games with minimal spending of creds and then afterward buy the best things.

What you need to remember considering your creds is that you should use all the money until the end of round 12. After this round, the teams start over on opposite sides, and the balance is reset.

Valorant: feature of the economy

In each round, you can see the amount of money available to the enemy team. You do not have to consider the economy of the enemy, as is customary in other shooters of our time. This way, you can navigate and choose the right game tactics. But you will not be able to see the amount of money that the enemies spent on the purchase.

Valorant also has an economic system similar to other games. Players buy weapons before the round – the most powerful guns are much more expensive than pistols. By the way, if you missed and accidentally purchased the wrong weapon that you wanted, then you will be allowed to return it at the same cost and buy a new one. Of course, according to the reward-based model, some actions will bring you more to your spending amount than others. But now we have a better idea of how this will turn out. During the gameplay, there are the features that you will get and therefore, will have a possibility to spend them in the shopping menu: kills = 200 creds, survival in the round = 3000 creds.

The lost round will give you 1900 – 2900 creds. Moreover, losing in the first round provides the smallest creds reward (1900 creds), while the highest amount of creds for losing is only 100 creds less than the money for winning. Valorant will provide players with only 200 creds for one killing. In essence, this is what you need to focus on in your general tactics to support the team’s pocket.


How to choose the best options for buying

Another vital piece of information relates to the choice of the agent, in which, when you select one character, you are stuck with him for the duration of the match. First of all, you will have the possibility to acquire one weapon, one armor, and up to four abilities for one game round. It is good that you can monitor the economic status of your teammates on the left side of the purchase menu.

Besides, your allies will be able to ask for a gun or armor if they lack resources. Valorant provides a variety of agent skills, which also need to be acquired in each game round, as opposed to earning them during the game or directly for rewards for killing/target. It is essential for players because this gives a new dimension to the economics that teams must consider when deciding upon the strategy on how to survive the game round.

There are no such significant requirements for economics in Valorant. Purchased agent’s abilities after death are not lost, ultimates allow you to turn the game around even during the “eco” period, and this is not all exciting aspects. This means that it will be challenging for you and your team to leave your opponent without money for several game rounds. Probably, this caused a decrease in the number of rounds in comparison with other systems. Valorant requires only 13 points to win.

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