Tips and Tricks to Using a Shower Head

What plays the most important role in your overall bathing experience ensuring a steady water-flow at the proper temperature? A shower head. Right?

Showerheads make one’s shower easier and comfortable. Rain shower heads can give you the invigorating lushness of rain in the bathroom. But sometimes you may need to fix or modify your shower heads for enhancing the bathing experience.

In this article, we have some tips on using a shower head with the desired water flow and cleaning it to prevent clogging. Just scroll down!

Tips to Using a Shower Head: Major Takeaways!

Choose the Right Spray Pattern

There are different types of available with different patterns of sprays. You have to choose a suitable one. If you’re not the only one to use the shower, go for one that comes with multiple settings. So that the setting can be changed according to the user’s desire. You can also opt for an adjustable spray diameter.

Choose one that head’s spray pattern when you’re planning or designing your bathroom to determine what type of plumbing your shower head requires. If your family has young children, handheld ones will be very useful for them.

Different ones have different spray patterns. For a gentle and natural bathing, waterfall or rain-effect showerheads are widely popular where massage showerheads are equipped with pre-arranged patterns, great for stress relief.

If money is not the problem, go for a multi-head one. Find a convenient one right here.

Consider the Versatility

Searching for one with a wide array of options of use? Well, a handheld one can offer you the desired versatility to use it on different parts of your body.

These are popular among those who want to clean their kids or pets. So, no doubt, handheld showers are more convenient comparing the traditional types. All you need to do is just focus on any particular part of your body and to aim the showerhead. It will allow you to change the direction of water flow without changing your posture.

Remove Flow Restrictors

If you’re not happy with the water flow that your current showerhead provides, there is a trick to increase it manually. Low water pressure can be fixed by removing the flow restrictor equipped inside your showerhead. This is a simple DIY task that can be done using a wrench, needle nose pliers, a flat screwdriver, dry cloth, and Teflon tape.

Firstly, remove it using the wrench. You can avoid scratches by wrapping it with the dry cloth. Now move the filter screen with your nose pliers. As you find the flow restrictor, remove it with the flat screwdriver. Use the Teflon tape if need. As removing is done, reinstall it. Now check if the water flow has increased. If not, consider your existing should be changed. Check out different screwdrivers for this purpose on HealthyHandyman.

Change Showerheads on Time

As technology changes, modern showerheads come with more options to satisfy your shower experience. We recommend you to change it as the new model arrives. Its a matter of your personal choice but for some reason, you must have to consider replacing it. The reasons are:

Low Water Pressure

If your shower head needs more water to provide a powerful water flow, consider it should be changed. Replace it with a modern one to get a powerful kick while showering and to save up to 2 gallons of water.

Outdated Style

Has your showerhead installed decades back and you’re running out of money to remodel your bathroom? No worries! Changing it can help you access the advanced options and provide the desired shower experience. Not only the style but the features of your showerhead can also be outdated. Get a latest model of showerheads for maximum output.

Black Dots

Did you ever experience weird black dots on it? This can be caused by black mold which is really complicated to get rid of and responsible for various health issues. We recommend you replace it with stainless steel oe.

Lackluster Features

Do you know modern ones offer a large array of features including multiple spray settings, water conservation, adjustable height, and different massages? If you really want to make your shower time more enjoyable, change the existing one that only offers a “hot” or “cold” feature.

Shower Head Cleaning Tips

They can be cleaned without removing it. This can be done by using a plastic bag, vinegar, and a band. Fill the bag with white vinegar and attach it to the showerhead with the band. Wait for 60 or 120 minutes and then rinse it off.

If you want a deep cleaning, remove the showerhead. Avoid scratches while unscrewing the nuts. Primarily rinse and clean the head. Dissolve all the limescale deposits by soaking it in vinegar overnight. You can use two or three tablespoons of soda to the vinegar. When the clogged are removed, rinse it with clean water.

Then reinstall it. For steady water pressure and restricting harmful bacteria from growing up, clean the head once every month.

Warning: Avoid using bleach and hard brush during the cleaning process because bleach increases the bacteria production and hard brushes cause scratches to the surface.


Hope this article has covered all the major takeaways to using a shower head. Following these tips can make your bathing experience far better.

If you face any problem in installing or cleaning showerheads, calling for a professional is recommended.


How to clean calcium deposits from a showerhead?

Calcium deposits are one of the bigger problems of showerheads that cause low water pressure. Fill a plastic bag with white vinegar and tie it with the showerhead so that the dirty area is immersed. wait for 3-4 hours and clean the head using a soft piece of cloth.

Does rainfall showerheads worth it?

Yes! Unlike jets heads, the water flows gently and smoothly from the rain showerhead on your head just like natural rainfall. It will give you a feeling of natural rain bath.