US President’s Vehicles throughout History

The President’s Plane

The US presidents don’t travel by car only. More often they use planes dubbed as Air Force One and if you though the cars were expensive, hold your breath! Bear in mind that this is more than just a plane. It is supposed to hold and feed close to 100 people and serve as a mobile command center if necessary. Moreover, a “Doomsday Plane” is always behind the president’s flight in case the worst thing happens. Not to mention that the president’s airplane comes with fancy silverware, its own mini Oval Office and even a hairdresser, in case the president needs a haircut.

However, in the past, the country leaders weren’t as paranoid about nuclear war, and they didn’t care too much for luxury. The first Air Force One was just a quite plain, but we are not sure whether Franklin Roosevelt actually took a flight in it or not. However, the first US president to take a plane trip was Theodore Roosevelt who flew in Wright Flyer. However, he wasn’t at the office at the time.

The presidents need to have luxurious, and safety vehicles and we can only guess what awaits us in the future when it comes to transportation!