US President’s Vehicles throughout History

The President’s Car

Until Kennedy got murdered, car travel was usually done with an open-top in order for the people to see their leader and for the president to get connected to the people more easily.

The first president who was riding a car was Taft who had a $4,000 White Model M as his official vehicle. This one only appeared to be safe, and it was completely open. Moreover, the vehicle was powered on steam behind which Taft could hide when photographers attempted to take a picture of him. He loved to tease the Secret Service and then he would say: “You ate my dust.” And there is your first presidential car.

In the next few years and decades, the vehicles in which presidents rode were luxurious and designed for a parade. One of those cars was the Sunshine Special Franklin D. Roosevelt had a chance to enjoy. Furthermore, this was the first car appointed specifically to the president and for the presidential use only.

The major changes happen after the Kennedy assassination when the open-top limousines are being replaced by models with boxy designs. The vehicle was modified, and the new car has been assembled from the ground up only when Obama took power. This famous limo is named the Beast, and it costs $1.5 million. Some of the equipment includes bulletproof windows, steel plates under the car, a sealed cabin against biochemical attacks, puncture-resistant tires and even containers of the president’s blood hidden in case of an emergency.