Watch Out! Here Are The Ultimate 8 Signs You Are A Bad Boss

Everyone can be a boss, but not everyone can be a leader and carry out this task well. A leader is someone who can help their team members when they are in trouble. A certain someone who wants to do the work, and not only appointing people to do that.

Are you currently holding an important position in a company and have to lead your team members? If so, do you think that you are a good leader for your team? If you are unsure, keep on reading to assess whether you are currently a bad boss to your team and what you should do to improve yourself.

1. Unable to be a mediator if there are problems between members


A leader must ensure harmony within the company or at least the team under them. And unfortunately, in the work setting – having conflicts among team members is something that might often happen.

Thus one great quality that a leader should have, is the ability to mediate if there are internal problems. As the mediator, you have to be able to find a solution that can calm both parties. Don’t ever choose sides, because this will escalate the conflict even more.

Have you been able to do something like that?  If not, then you really need to work on improving your problem-solving skills. When you can do this and influence your team to prevent conflict, you will definitely become a good leader that can bring success and harmony to your team.

2. You can’t make a firm decision

The key to an organization’s success is decided by its leader. However, there are still many leaders who have not been able to take decisive steps when asked to decide something. Such leaders tend to pass decisions through forums, without providing a solid foundation.

Indeed, a decision within the company must go through a mutual agreement. But a leader is obliged to provide an initial view of its members.

3. Tend to get bossy with other team members


When you are at the peak of your position, it is really easy to get over too proud of your position and end up viewing yourself above others. This is not a good habit to have, because being too proud tends to make you bossy toward others.

You definitely do not want to be perceived this way, because a bossy superior is often hated by their team members. A bossy superior can be the ultimate reason why the company can’t retain employees better, despite the great benefit they have offered.

You have to be a leader who can encourage the team members to do their work without being bossy. Be strict, but also open to suggestions – that way your members can openly share what they feel regarding their workload. Last but not least, don’t hesitate to also help if you notice that your team members are overwhelmed.

4. Can’t accept different opinions

A boss who is bossy often seems like they always want to win. They never want to listen to other people’s opinions and often assume their opinions or thoughts must be the truth. This definitely will make it difficult for employees to express their ideas, and explore their creativity.

A good leader is always able to accept opinions even if they are opposite from what they have in mind. Unfortunately, not every superior wants to do this. Are you one of those people who cannot accept differences of opinion? If so, try to keep improving yourself by opening yourself to suggestions or opinions.

A good leader must be an open-minded kind of person. Try to learn to let go of the ego, because it is not only about yourself but the company as a whole.

5. Often underestimate other people’s abilities


A leader will not belittle their team members’ abilities. As a leader, you must be supportive by continuously trying to build the employee’s confidence. Don’t make them feel down by belittling their abilities, and saying harsh words when criticizing their work. Because feeling unappreciated and constantly belittling can be the ultimate reason why the employee chooses to resign.

6. Never curious about the work process

If you are the kind of boss who doesn’t want to know about a work process or the current project your team is working on, it is a red flag! Because usually bosses like this, only give quite a lot of work, without wanting to get their hands dirty. Will only accept the good praise for the project, but when it fails – they blame the employees instead

A good leader or boss should know the systematics or processes that run within a company. This will provide lots of benefits and conveniences for you and your team. For example, being able to distribute tasks well, control work easily, and most important employees won’t feel too pressured and burdened.

7. Rarely give appreciation to your employees’ performance

A superior who is bossy will easily blame the failure on their employees. Blame often occurs when a target is not achieved or the result does not go according to plan, even though the employee has worked hard. Even if a project runs successfully, employees are rarely given any appreciation at all.

Instead of blaming employees when targets are not achieved, it is better to evaluate mistakes that may have been made. Learn from the mistakes and find a strategy to avoid this from happening in the future.

In addition, don’t forget to always give appreciation to the employees, if they have successfully carried out the task. It can be in the form of bonuses, prizes, or additional leave days. These can help to increase employee motivation to produce the best work for the company’s success.

8. Not paying attention to employee working condition


A clean and tidy office is the ultimate thing that you should ensure at the workspace if you want the employee to work productively. If you are the kind of superior who doesn’t pay attention to this kind of thing, it might also be a sign that you are careless and are not fit to be a good leader. A clean and tidy office is not only good for employee productivity but also is the ultimate thing to do to keep employees in healthy condition.

What you can do as a leader is to hire a professional cleaner from time to time, to ensure every nook and cranny of the office is spotlessly clean. Check out to get a free quote!

If you notice some signs above in yourself, you should immediately try to improve yourself and avoid them from happening again. Being a good leader might not be easy, but you can change and strive to be better for the success of your team and the company as a whole!