TypeScript In NodeJS – What Does It Means And Why To Use it

Businesses of the present era are combining technologies to be fully equipped and advanced. TypeScript and NodeJS are the two most commonly combined technologies as they both get along well, bring unmatched qualities to the table, and empower product development, so much so that they tend to deliver the best outcomes.

This is why when businesses want to hire Node js developer, they make sure that the selected candidate is well-versed in TypeScript as well. Wondering why so? Want to know why you should use TypeScript in NodeJS? Or why you should even try this combination.

If all these questions are hovering in your mind, this pot is just the right thing for you.

TypeScript – A Powerful Resource


TypeScript is an open-source programming language with updated features and added functionalities that empower JavaScript. Those who are using JavaScript for their NodeJS projects are recommended to use TypeScript as it makes using JavaScript easier than ever and lets developers invest less effort in code writing.

The trust factor of TypeScript comes from the fact that Microsoft looks after its development and maintenance. We all know what it comes to be a Microsoft product. By default, products with this brand name ought to be highly practical, safe, and dependable.

Because of all these capabilities, TypeScript is gaining huge popularity in the developer community. It is ranked in the top 5 list of Github listings.  Not surprisingly, Stack Overflow Survey also ranked as the 7th preferred development resource.

Pros and Cons Of TypeScript


All the likeliness of developers for JavaScript is not at all baseless. It’s because of a wide range of its advantages. As you plan to use TypeScript, be ready to enjoy benefits, such as –

  • Reduced errors

With TypeScript, you have a chance to assign distant data to other variables and make them immutable. This way, finding and fixing errors is easy. Errors are less because the advanced programming language allows us to find out how code works. When you know this information, you can predict errors and can fix them.

  • Codes with improved quality

For extensive projects, maintaining code quality across the project is very difficult. TypeScript works with fewer codes and lets you test codes at any stage, ensuring code quality across the project is possible.

  • Easy change incorporation

Development needs tend to be modified for large projects. But, introducing changes in the middle of development isn’t easy unless you use TypeScript. It allows you to work and close a specific stage. Hence, introducing changes is easier than ever.

  • Default support for IDE

TypeScript comes with IDE support. It offers a highly useful editor that will help you highlight the spotted errors, closely inspect the syntax, and autocomplete the development. With this IDE support, it’s easy to avoid errors that are hard to identify otherwise.

Along with these ample benefits, TypeScript comes with certain evident drawbacks that include:

  • Less learning resources
  • Incompetent syntax checking
  • Code translation is an extra step to compiling it

TypeScript In NodeJS – What Does It Means


NodeJS, as we all know, is a JavaScript-based framework for server-side applications. It’s great, but it needs the support of other frameworks to complete the development.

If you’re looking for a subordinated framework for NodeJS, you need to ensure the loopholes of JavaScript, like type-checking absence and tedious code maintenance, are fixed.

TypeScript, a better version of JavaScript, can be easily used in NodeJS projects. As a programming language, TypeScript, when used in NodeJS, provides modern coding styles, makes code handling easier than ever, and is used extensively for high-end application development.

TypeScript in NodeJS is the easiest way to improve Node JS performance. With this combination, things are very less likely to go south as NodeJS is based on JavaScript and TypeScript works well with all the JavaScript components. In a nutshell, TypeScript is optimized for NodeJS by default.

There are no added efforts to make. A huge talent available can help you combine these two.  You can hire a NodeJS developer, and most likely, the professional will be equipped to work with TypeScript. Hence, it’s highly recommended to use TypeScript in NodeJS, especially when you’re working on extensive projects demanding continuous development and regular maintenance.

Integrate TypeScript In NodeJS


Now that you know this combination is an ideal pick for your large project, let’s learn the steps you must follow while integrating TypeScript in NodeJS.

  • Install the NPM

Start with installing the NodeJS and then use the below-mentioned command to specify the application details.

mkdir typescript-nodejs-boilerplate && cd typescript-nodejs-boilerplate npm init

  • Install the dependencies

Next, you need to install dependencies using the command:

npm install typescript ts-node express

npm install nodemon

  • TypeScript compilation ruleset

TypeScript provides configuration files that help in the compilation. You need to configure this file to compile the ruleset. Use the below-mentioned command to configure the file.

tsc –init

mkdir src

  • Add custom npm scripts

Use the below-mentioned command to update the scripts.

“scripts”: {

“build”: “tsc”,

“dev”: “nodemon src/server.ts”,

“start”: “npm dist/server.js”


  • Create TypeScript file

Build the server under Typescript using the ‘touch src/server.ts’ command.

  • Activate the TypeScripts

Lastly, you need to activate TypeScripts, and you will need this command:

npm run build

npm start

If everything goes fine, your NodeJS project must now be working on TypeScript.

Use TypeScript in the world of NodeJS

TypeScript is welcomed by the NodeJS world, and many organizations have already used this combination. For instance, NestJS is also using TypeScript with NodeJS. Prisma, the cutting-edge ORM, is also using this combination.

Are you ready to use this wonderful pair? If yes, you need to make sure that you’re hiring skilled NodeJS developers who know TypeScript. You must outsource from a trusted software company like bacancy and have a hold over the best knowledge and understanding of both these frameworks. There are many options offered. But you must play smart and pick only a trusted and verified service provider.