Types of Mobile Medical Applications

There are different applications on the android or iOS market or even in the windows marketplace. Some of them are goodies, others are for entertainments and some are even social media applications. However, the most useful application that remains there in the store is medical application. These are the applications that are highly useful for all the patients and even for the doctors. Text appointment reminder app enables patients to go for doctor appointment booking, to get doctor information, to buy medicines online, for telemedicine purposes and there are so many. Riseapps helped us write this post, and before continuing reading, we recommend viewing the post about how to make a medical app here. You will learn more about this market, app features, tech stack, development process, and costs.

Coming to the application building, there are different things that are there attached with Mobile medical applications, and the major lookout thing there is the type of the application. The type is determined with the aid of the need of the application and hence is the difference among them is denoted. Hence, learn now, the different types of popular medical applications that are there in the store.

Apps for the doctor appointment

Know which doctor is available in which chamber or hospital and get a booking through the application – this is the use of these types of applications. You can imagine also, how much use the applications are for the general public and mobile users. And the best thing is that the doctors also won’t have to reach to the patients without any hassle. Simply they will enroll through the application and the patients can reach them at ease. If you want to learn more about doctor appointment booking app development, read Riseapps blog. They have written about features, benefits, development steps, and personal experience in this field.

Apps for diagnostic booking

It is not that all diagnoses can be done in all places. However, it becomes tougher for you to know the right place for the diagnosis, and for that, you might have to move the sick patient to different places. This app will show you which diagnosis is done where and will allow you to book the service too. Hence, it is absolutely useful for all patients.

Apps for doctor guidance

This app has proved to be very much potential during the COVID 19 pandemic. Now, you cannot move out of your house for general purposes and not even for your treatment or doctor’s check-up. But with these apps, you can get in touch with doctors maintaining social distancing and hence is highly effective for all. This can stop the spread of infections and can also help the patients for regular routine check-ups.

Apps for medicine purchase

This is the most popular and widespread application that has remained for years. Using this app, you will not have to get out of your house or have to remember to bring certain medicines at the end of a busy schedule, still, you get all the meds delivered at your address. Thus this application is the widest available medical application that you find in the stores and they are usually of different drug sellers.

Apps for medical knowledge sharing

These applications are there for years and serving the entire population in getting important information regarding different ailments, treatments, diets, and even medical practices. The apps are usually aided with a store for purchasing meds and are also supported with blog articles to share knowledge from the desk of experts.

All five types of applications that have been stated above are widely in use now and are plentifully found in the app stores. Still, the demand of the users is not fulfilled and they need more such applications for their purpose of living, treatment, and diagnosis. Hence learn how to make a medical app and come out with an application of your own.

5 Reasons to Have a Telemedicine App in Your Phone

According to studies looking at the population growth trend, there is going to be a shortage of healthcare providers across the globe. Hence there is a great need to find some solution to it. One of the solutions to this is telemedicine apps that help users to get easy access to medical advice through their phone.

The usage of telemedicine apps is increasing at a very good rate because of the benefits both doctors and patients get. In one of the articles on telemedicine app development here , you can learn the details of creating such applications. This will be useful if you want to create your own application in the healthcare industry.

You can also use these telemedicine apps in your phone and here are the top 5 reasons to install telemedicine app in your phone.

1. Reduction of Cost

One of the biggest reasons to have a Telemedicine app in your phone is cost-cutting. The healthcare workers have found out that the service cost has reduced since people have started using telemedicine apps. Also, some healthcare workers have started to work from home to further reduce the cost.

Patients get virtual treatment from the doctors staying at home only saving their cost for conveyance.

2. Convenient and Accessible on Time

For people who are in emergency, they can use the telemedicine apps on their phones and seek immediate assistance from the professionals. Telemedicine apps also make healthcare accessible to people living in remote areas or people who can’t skip work to visit a clinic.

Telemedicine apps are very convenient to use as the users can change the time of appointment or even cancel it if not needed without facing any issues.

3. Reduced Rush inside the Clinic

Hospitals are mostly crowdy and people are always in a rush there. If more people start using telemedicine apps on their phones, the unnecessary rush will end as the patients can get an appointment only when the doctor is free. Also since fewer people will be present at a time, the contamination of disease will be very less.

4. Easier to Pay

With conventional methods in hospitals and clinics, it sometimes takes too much time standing in a queue to make payment. Also for places that dont accept cards, patients have to run to get cash. But with Telemedicine Apps, the patient can directly pay to the doctor’s bank account with the gateway integrated in the app taking no more than 2 minutes. Also the bill generated will be safe in the app.

5. Increased Revenue for Healthcare Workers

Healthcare workers should also start using telemedicine apps as it will increase revenue. Looking at the population growth and increased users of telemedicine apps, the telemedicine industry is supposed to hit $41.2 Billion by 2021 and hence increase the revenue for healthcare workers.

Since the introduction of telemedicine apps, doctors are able to work from home on holidays and provide their services to someone who lives far from their reach adding up to increased revenue.