Types of Dresses and How to Wear Them

A dress is the most important piece of clothing in a women’s wardrobe. A woman at least has a few dresses that she likes to wear and never gets rid of. Dresses in a women’s wardrobe are not a new revelation, but dresses have been worn by women since the 11th century. The look and design of dresses may have change over the last 10 centuries but the principle on which they were first designed and made still stands strong today. The dresses in the old days were so popular and timeless that they are still considered to be in fashion as the term of vintage dresses.

Vintage clothing or vintage dresses is a very generic term that is used for describing the clothing that has been designed on the design principles of the previous era. Vintage dresses are designed on the previous centuries of fashion clothing. These dresses look timeless and they can be worn for years if not decades. But finding quality vintage dresses can be very difficult to find and they can be sometimes extremely expensive. For example, ZAPAKA is a clothing company that has been working on vintage dresses for a long time and vowed to be the leader in the vintage clothing market.

Since there are so many types of dresses and each of them has multiple variations, it is almost impossible for anybody to identify all of them and there can be a lot of confusion in deciding what the best outfit would be to wear on different occasions. Fortunately, there is no need for any woman to decide a particular dress for a specific occasion. Dresses are highly adaptable and versatile and can be worn on any occasion. But still, we have identified a list of dresses that you must have and with these types, you will have a dress for every occasion.

The All Casual Maxi Dresses

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The maxi is the perfect dress for anyone who wants to look good while being extremely comfortable. A simple maxi dress is a perfect dress for running errands around the city. A maxi dress is also a great piece of clothing you can wear to casual lunches or dates with your loved one. This dress is extremely versatile and a single dress can transform your look just by using different accessories with your dress. If you plan to run errands, this dress with a pair of long boots and some earrings can provide you with a glamorous yet comfortable look that you can pull of easily, or you can easily wear heels and a choker of some sort to impress your significant other on your date. If you live in a colder environment, you can easily wear leather or a denim jacket to stay warm while being extremely comfortable.

Slip Dresses

A slip dress is a dress that was originally worn as an undergarment but it was brought in the mainstream market with the help of designers of Dior and it was originally worn by Princess Diana in 1996. Slip dresses are unmistakably sexy. The dress can easily be worn down by wearing it with a t-shirt and some shoes, or you can easily dress up a slip dress by wearing it with some heels and some jewelry. You can wear a slip dress in pretty much every way possible and still look fabulous as ever. You can probably wear a slip dress with a skirt and some jacket and look amazing in the process, all you need to do is that look inside of your closet and imagine your accessories around the dress with what’s in your closet and I guarantee that you will able to piece together a look that others will die for.

Sheath Dresses

Every once in awhile, you might need to go on a formal event. A formal event is where you need to look and work extremely professionally during your time there. Nothing in the wide range of dresses can beat the look of the sheath dress in a professional environment. A sheath dress is a fitted dress that is made by providing a straight cut look to the dress, it is often nipped at the waist and in most cases is knee-length. A sheath dress is a perfect dress if you accessories it properly. During the office day, you can wear a blazer and some shoes over it and achieve a professional look and at night you can change the accessories with some strappy sandals and some statement jewelry. The dress is fairly simple and provides you with options to accessories the dress to your liking.

Laced Dresses

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As far as dresses are concerned nothing beats the classic look of a lace dress. A simple dress can become incredibly intricate just by adding the right laces to it. Many fashion icons like Dolce & Gabbana, Zara, and H&M have been using the same formula above to create masterpieces of their fashion lineups. A laced dress is incredibly glamorous and can be worn almost everywhere, however you might want to wear the dress where there is a little classy scene going on. Rather than any other dress that can look great with some accessories attached to it, a laced dress looks best when you let it become the beacon of attention. If you are planning on wearing a lace dress, it is preferred that you don’t wear many accessories with it, rather use the powers of your makeup to enhance the look of your dress. Some sensible heels go extremely well with a dress like this, so put on some heels and have fun being the center of attention.

Wrapping It Up

There are many dresses in the world and different users attached to it that use those dresses differently. But the bottom line is that however you wear your dresses, you need to wear something that is of good quality, and there is a lot of good brands that can help you obtain the best dresses to complete your wardrobe.