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Two people can fit into the Renault Project XY-2 and they won’t be seen

The appearance of autonomous driving technologies could drastically change how cars are designed, and this vehicle from Hawon Jang gives one take on how vehicles could be designed.

While traditional cars are constructed from an interior that’s surrounded by lots of glass, this one is a bit different. In fact, from a glance, the car doesn’t appear to have an interior at all and just seems to have a sleek silver bodywork. But as we all know we have to look deeper since looks can be deceiving.

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The concept actually has quite a big interior which is right under a big section of the bodywork that lifts off the car. Inside there you can find two seats which are actually split by a black wall and when the seats are slid to the rear they become one making things a bit more intimate.

Even though autonomous driving will enable car makers to make new cabin designs we don’t really like the idea of not being able to look outside at all. It would be very claustrophobic.

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The Renault car that looks very similar to the concept is the EZ-Ultimo and it was shown off at the Paris Motor Show last year. That car’s interior looked more like some fancy lounge room that a place people sit in traffic.

Although, this car really isn’t made for today’s roads but is made for future use where cars will probably look very different from today. They might not even be called cars anymore…