Guide on Creation a TV Lift with a DIY Mechanism for Outdoors


A TV outside, right in the backyard where you like making BBC and spending time with your friends is something every homeowner dreams about. What about doing it? You might want to save significant funds by making a DIY installation or buy ready-to-use system. The first option is definitely cheaper. The second saves you a lot of time and prevents possible errors.

Consider Preparing a Special Enclosure

Even if you buy the best TV especially for outdoors, you will still want to prolongate its service life. It is recommended to install the device in a special enclosure. Any cabinet can be used for that. Paint it to make it look nice. Seal it with calking. Weather strips will help to protect it from weather conditions such as moisture. Don’t forget about a lock to protect your item from theft.

Find a Proper Place

The installation place matters. There are several factors to consider when looking for an optimal place to install your new device:

  • Does the place get too much sunshine during the most time? It might affect your TV watching experience in a negative way;
  • Isn’t your TV going to be installed too close to the BBC? Too much heat is unfavourable for the device;
  • Can your device be watched from different angles? It improves the experience.

It is better to install it under protection. A pergola might be an option. Otherwise, make some kind of protection to cover the cabinet from rain and snow.

Make a TV Lift

Once you have found the place to install your device. For that, you need a reliable actuator system. Before purchasing the first option you like, you need to check several features:

  • The actuator system, all its elements, shall be for outdoor use. Otherwise, they will deteriorate, and all your construction might collapse one day.
  • For windy areas, a drop-down mount is not the best option because strong winds might damage it. an articulating mount is the best option to install in such a case. It might cost more but it will add to the safety of your device.
  • Consider the weight of your TV and the cabinet. The TV lift needs to lift and lower all the elements safely. There is a special formula to calculate the weight value for such cases. If you aren’t sure how to do it, ask a specialist to help you with this task.

Consider a firm surface for the installation. It is better if you can install your device on a concrete wall. Otherwise, prepare reliable support.

Install Your Outdoor TV

Now, when everything is ready for the installation, you might start with the mounting procedures. Install the TV on special supports inside of the cabinet. If needed, fix it to the cabinet wall. Attach the TV lift to the cabinet and the installation surface (a wall or any other support).

The installation height might vary depending on where you are going to use your TV set. If you are installing it in an area designated to rest with your close ones, the installation height might be lower. While if your TV is installed in your garden BBC zone, the height of installation might be higher. Also, a bigger screen is fine for being installed higher. While a TV set with a smaller screen shall be installed lower.

Wire the TV

Now, one more crucial installation part follows: the wiring works. You have two options:

  • A wireless installation;
  • A wired installation.

The wireless installation is easier. You can check whether your cable company offers a wireless option for your case.

The wired installation is no doubt more reliable. However, you might need a specialist to perform the installation works.

In the case of the wired installation, make sure the cables are suitable for the outdoors. There are cables that are even UV-protected. If this is not the case, you might consider protecting the cables with a special conduit rated for outdoors or a pipe. Lay the cables in a way they don’t tangle and interfere with the movement.

It is better if the power source is located as close to the TV set as possible. If you still have to connect your TV set far from the installation place, it is better to have a power source in a shielded place, preferably a house.

Content Options

You might prefer cable, satellite, or mixed source TV. If you need to install a cable box, make sure it is properly protected. The best option is to make a special enclosure for the cable box directly in the TV cabinet. If space allows, hide it behind the TV set. If it is impossible, place it so that it doesn’t catch attention.

If you want to switch between cable and satellite content, make sure you can do it seamlessly. It will be not comfortable if you discover later that you need to disassemble the installation just because you cannot switch from one content type to another.

Shall You Install Your TV on Your Own or Buy a Ready Lift System for Outdoors?

The decision depends on you. If you want to make everything customized, including the cabinet and the lift, it is better to do everything on your own. For that, you will need to spend some time and make some effort. Though in the end, you will get the result you have counted on. Besides, a DIY installation is a wonderful way to save a significant sum of money.

However, if you don’t have at least basic installation skills, you aren’t recommended to do all the works on your own. Try to hire a specialist at least for the wiring works or to get help from somebody who understands the technology.

A ready TV lift is an optimal option for those who have enough funds to afford it. This option saves time and prevents some errors. However, consider that some works, such as wiring, shall be still made either by you or by a specialist.

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