Trump and Putin – possible meeting in mid-July


The Presidents of the USA and Russia, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin, are planning to meet in mid-July when president Trump visits the UK for NATO summit, says the diplomatic source. Even though Trump’s administration insisted that the meeting should be held in Washington, Moscow decided that the talks should be on neutral ground. The representatives said that it would probably be Vienna, but no official announcement has been made.

The National Security Council confirmed that John Bolton, White House national security adviser, is scheduled to visit Moscow later this month, to discuss the potential meeting between two leaders. The spokesperson of the National Security Council didn’t want to comment on president’s plans for the summit.

Jens Stoltenberg, NATO Secretary General, welcomed the potential meeting, calling this summit “important,” and also saying that “NATO is in favour of dialogue.”

Putin and Trump have already met twice, and the Russian President says that he talks with Trump regularly over the phone, which was confirmed by White House readouts of the calls. Two leaders spoke eight times over the phone.

Due to the investigation about potential ties between Russia and Trump’s campaign associates, led by special counsel Robert Mueller, the relationship between the two leaders has been under supervision.

Whiles the USA President suggested that Russia should be reinstated to the G7, the Congress pressured Trump’s administration to impose sanctions on Moscow for its “election interference,” including individuals mentioned in Miller’s investigation.


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