Trump Accusing China Again: They Should have Warned us About the Virus Three Months Earlier

The world is shaken by the pandemic of the Coronavirus. Due to the fact that the virus is relatively new, the scientists are trying to figure out the exact way of its functioning. Each country is battling the spread of the virus and trying to protect their citizens as much as possible.

Last night American president Donald Trump spoke about the new circumstances USA and the rest of the world are facing.  He also talked about the problems and possible solutions. On the top of that, Trump addressed Chinese authorities and his opinion regarding their influence in the pandemic.

Trump said that Chinese authorities did not announce the key information about the Covid-19 on time.

Last night the president of the USA said “Chinese authorities should have warned us.”

By talking about the Covid-19 he referred to the virus as the “Chinese virus” which was found to be inappropriate by the Chinese authorities.

In the light of the Coronavirus pandemic, president Trump said: “I have a great relationship with President Xi (Jinping), but I wish they could have told us earlier about what was inside, because we could have come up with a solution.”