Travelling with Cigars: A Connoisseur’s Guide to Smoke Spots

Cigar enthusiasts know that a good smoke can enhance any travel experience, transforming ordinary moments into memorable ones. But traveling with cigars poses some unique challenges, from maintaining their quality to respecting local customs. Don’t worry; this comprehensive guide will walk you through every crucial detail about traveling with your beloved stick, making your global cigar-smoking adventure even more enjoyable. Join us as we journey together, exploring the world one puff at a time.

The Importance of Cigars While Traveling

By bringing your cigars while traveling, you can punctuate experiences perfectly: uncorking a wine bottle with a smoke in a marvelous vista or sharing with fellow aficionados. Additionally, your travel can become a discovery journey of new flavors, brands, and the enjoyment of local customs. Indeed, for a cigar lover, traveling without cigars is like a culinary enthusiast touring without tasting the local cuisine.

How to Travel with Cigars

When traveling with cigars, there are a few key points to remember to ensure your prized smokes stay in top-notch condition. Firstly, maintain the proper humidity and temperature to avoid ruining the tobacco. This might mean investing in a good quality travel humidor. Next, don’t forget to check the laws and regulations of your destination country related to tobacco imports. This will save you a lot of trouble with customs. Lastly, be mindful of the distinct aromas of different cigars and choose the ones that would be well-received in the cultural context of your travel destination. We’ll explore more on these points in the following sections, but this primer will set you up for smooth travels with your cigars.

Choosing the Right Cigars for Your Trip

Selecting the right stick for your journey depends on your itinerary. Opt for a lighter, creamier cigar if you are exploring the tropics. For colder climates or mountainous terrains, a bold, full-bodied smoke may cater well to the atmosphere. It’s like pairing your wine with food. You’re pairing your cigar with an ambiance. Also, consider the occasion – a grand event might beg for a premium cigar, while a relaxed beach day could call for a more casual smoke.

Properly Packing Cigars for Travel

Make sure you pack them properly for travel to maintain their quality. Use a travel humidor for humidity control, preventing drying out. Consider a zip-lock bag with a small damp sponge if you don’t have one. Remember, they must be kept cool, out of bright light, and in conditions of 70% humidity. These tips will keep them fresh until you’re ready to enjoy them at your leisure.

Dealing with Custom Regulations

Custom regulations regarding cigars vary worldwide, creating potential issues for the traveling smoker. To avoid complications, research your destination’s cigar customs policies beforehand. Also, ensure your cigars are appropriately labeled and stored to comply with regulations and maintain quality during your journey.

Top Countries for Cigar Enthusiasts

For the avid cigar aficionado, certain countries are simply can’t-miss. Cuba undoubtedly tops this list, boasting a deep historical connection with cigars and a reputation for producing some of the world’s finest. Yet, it’s not the only must-visit spot. The Dominican Republic, a close second to Cuba in reputation, is well worth your time with its myriad cigar factories and enticing local varieties. Next, consider a trip to Nicaragua. Although newer to the industry, it has quickly garnered international praise for its bold, flavor-packed blends. Honduras, meanwhile, offers cigar lovers an exploratory journey into the world of strong, full-bodied smokes crafted from locally grown tobacco. For those preferring their cigars paired with a glass of port or enhanced by the idyllic beauty of vineyards, Portugal’s rich smoking tradition is accompanied by some of the world’s best wineries. Lastly, consider the USA — specifically, Florida. Ybor City, in Tampa, was once known as the “Cigar Capital of the World” and still has a handful of operating factories and plenty of shops. These countries not only promise a rich experience but also educate travelers about their heritage and processes making each visit a unique smoke spot they can’t forget.

Cuba: The Birthplace of Cigars


No journey of a cigar lover is complete without a stop in Cuba – the cradle of cigars. The fertile ground nurtures an exquisite array of tobacco, creating world-renowned cigars. Visit factories and savor Cuban cigars’ rich, complex flavors. It’s an experience every connoisseur must have when traveling.

Dominican Republic: A Close Runner Up to Cuba

Just behind Cuba in reputation, the Dominican Republic is a must-visit for any aficionado. Often overlooked, the country has a passionate and intertwined history with the cigar industry, producing some of the world’s finest smokes. With lavish cigar lounges and breathtaking smoke spots boasting panoramic views, the Dominican Republic proves to be just as intriguing a travel destination for cigar lovers as Cuba.

Nicaragua: A Newcomer in the Cigar Industry


Nicaragua has emerged as a key player in the cigar world, its volcanic soil creating unique, vibrant flavors. Mainly, Estelí is known for producing some of the finest cigars of this age. Make sure to visit the local factories, where you’ll learn the craft and history of making. This sneak peek into production will provide a new appreciation for your smokes as you travel.

Cigar-Friendly Locations Around the World

Aside from the typical hotspots for cigar behemoths like Cuba, Dominican Republic, and Nicaragua, other incredible locales offer a memorable smoke experience worldwide. Ambrosial cigar lounges can be discovered in unexpected places like Istanbul, Dubai, or Tokyo. Even cities in colder climates, such as Stockholm, have facilitated cozy smoke havens. Venues from New York to Sydney provide stylish yet comfortable environments to enjoy them, complete with extensive selections and knowledgeable staff. So, while you travel, explore these assorted cigar-friendly locations for an extra touch of class and culture.

Cigar Clubs and Bars


Cigar lovers, don’t overlook clubs and bars on your travels! These quaint havens often offer premium selections and an enthusiastic community. They often provide an exclusive environment perfect for savoring your favorite smoke.

Luxury Hotels with Dedicated Smoking Areas

Luxury hotels with dedicated smoking areas can provide an exquisite experience for the high-end cigar connoisseur. These establishments offer comfortable lounges, premium selection, and often stunning views, making for an unforgettable smoking session while traveling.

Restaurants and Cafes

Don’t forget restaurants and cafes; many offer exclusive smoking areas to enjoy a fine cigar post-dinner.

The Etiquette of Smoking Cigars in Public

When traveling, being conscious of your surroundings is essential. Not everyone enjoys the aroma like a connoisseur. Always ask if it’s alright to light up in public settings. Littering is also a big no-no; dispose of your cigar buds responsibly. Respect smoke-free zones and others’ personal spaces. Remember, part of the pleasure of smoking is the leisurely, gentleman-like conduct it entails. Responsible and thoughtful smoking ensures everyone’s experience remains enjoyable. Also, don’t feel pressured to share unless you’re inclined to!



In conclusion, traveling with cigars enhances your journey, providing opportunities to explore worldwide smoke spots, respecting etiquette, and navigating customs regulations.

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